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Worried about WWE Performance Center employees being fired

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Vince McMahon is visiting the WWE Performance Center today and it will be a great day for the staff in Orlando. The Chairman rarely visits the place and some people are wondering what is his purpose for this visit.

The WWE main roster is looking for extras. People like Carrion Cross, Bronson Reed, Shotzy Blackheart, and Scarlett have had tryouts over the past few weeks. What McMahon is seeing today could very well be what he is seeing. Some in PC are still a little worried. This journey has other purposes as well.

McMahon rarely goes to the WWE Performance Center so it’s a big deal. Some people are a little worried about PC because WWE is cutting a lot of people these days.

As you can imagine, McMahon’s rare visit features many people who work privately at PC and WWE NXT, a cut of how much the company has taken in recent months.

WWE fired more than 60 employees from various digital departments combined into WWE Media, a new division headed by Kevin Dunn. There are some within the WWE Performance Center who are a little concerned that Vince McMahon may see a way to consolidate that program as well.

It is natural to get nervous whenever the Big Boss of the company visits your site, especially if he is known for his firing spree. Hopefully, this is just a trip to check out some NXT talent and not just line up guys on the chopping block.

What do you think of Vince McMahon’s visit to the WWE Performance Center? Sound off in the comments!

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