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Will King Charles wear the same crowns as the Queen?

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KING Charles will be officially crowned in May 2023 ceremony.

The Monarch might need to apply some further modifications.

Will King Charles wear the same crowns as the Queen?

In the summer of 1953, millions filled the streets to catch a glimpse of the new monarch, Queen Elizabeth II.

Wearing a crown with shining diamonds and splendid jewels, rightly fit for royalty.

It will not be just one crown, as multiple crowns are used during the Coronation ceremony. The Imperial State Crown and St Edward’s Crown.

The King will wear them as well, as they are traditionally passed from monarch to monarch, dating back thousands of years.

Will they resize the crown for King Charles?

The only difference that will be happening is that the crowns will need to be enlarged.

In comparison with the late Queen, who had to get the crowns made smaller for her head.

This is not the case with King Charles, as his head is bigger and the alterations again will be essential.

All of this is a very sophisticated process, and can be performed only by a selected team of fine jewellers.

It is an important procedure, and such it includes its own position.

This is where the Crown Jeweler comes in and is likely the person to make these modifications.

The current Crown Jeweler is Mark Appleby, and he was appointed by the late Queen in 2017, as the 10th Crown Jeweller.

Should he be selected by the King, Appleby will probably work with the royal jewellers, The House of Garrard.

How much is the crown worth?

The value of the crown jewels can be described as priceless and a price in the world could buy them..

Consisting of more than 100 objects and over 20,000 gemstones, they are all treasured under tight security inside The Tower of London.

The Imperial state crown, that the late Queen wore in her famous Coronation photograph, is estimated to cost more than 3 billion pounds.

It will be worn by King Charles, when he will be leaving Westminster Abbey, after the Coronation ceremony.

Traditionally it was worn by the late Queen during the State Openings of Parliament.

The Imperial state crown is made out of gold and precious stones such as pearls, diamonds, sapphires and emerald.

Some of these jewels feature the most famous ones in the collection, including the Black Prince’s ruby, the Stuart sapphire, and the Cullinan II diamond.

It was originally made for the Coronation of the late Queen’s father, King George VI, replacing the crown made for Queen Victoria in 1838.

Only worn during the Coronation is St Edward’s crown, created in 1661, and is regarded as the most important and sacred.

Weighing at 2kg (5lbs) Queen Elizabeth II herself pointed out humorously in an interview about how heavy it is.

Before the Coronation of King Charles, the public could actually view the crown jewels, by visiting the Tower of London or online on the Historic Royal Palaces website.

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