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Why did WWE remove Ahmed Johnson after defeating The Undertaker for the World Title?

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WWE makes a lot of plans, but not all of them can be implemented. The Undertaker was a good WWE Champion at the time, but he had to beat a man who never got a chance. Ahmed Johnson is not speaking about that lost chance to pin the deadman.

Ahmed Johnson has already spoken about how he believes racism has cost him opportunities in WWE. Someone also allegedly used racial slurs on his rental car.

while talking to Lucha Libre OnlineAhmed Johnson opens up about his nixed WWE Title run. He was supposed to beat The Undertaker for the title, but an injury hit his way and it didn’t work out for him.

“Yes, I was supposed to win the title (WWF World Championship) until I got injured. But it is true that I was about to win the title against Undertaker. does not make sense. And in the end, it is what it is”.

Ahmed Johnson had nothing but good things to say about working with The Deadman as he still believes that there is no one bigger between the ropes than The Undertaker.

“Undertaker, he is unmatched. As far as his antics and the way he performs in the ring, no one is better than him”.

We’ll never know how the WWE Title Run would have worked out for Ahmed Johnson. Circumstances got in the way and that race never happened. He’s never had such a big win over Deadman, but he still has a lot of respect for him.

How do you think an Ahmed Johnson WWE Title run would have worked? sound off Comment – Comment!

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