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Who was the Chesapeake Walmart shooting suspect Andre Bing?

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SEVEN people – including the gunman – are dead after a shooting at a Walmart store in Virginia as Thanksgiving shoppers flooded the aisles.

As police investigated the matter, it turns out the shooter was a manager at that very store.

Who was the Chesapeake Walmart shooter Andre Bing?

In the wake of the Chesapeake Walmart shooting in Virginia, the assailant behind the horrific ordeal was revealed to be a man named Andre Bing.

Walmart confirmed Bing as the shooter and told The US Sun: “The alleged shooter has been identified as Andre Bing.

“We can confirm that he was a Walmart associate. Andre’s position with the company was overnight team lead and he’s been employed with us since 2010.

“We are focused on doing everything we can to support our associates and their families at this time.”

In an interview with Good Morning America, Bing’s co-workers recalled what happened the night of the shooting and what it was like to be with him.

Walmart employee Briana Tyler shared with GMA: “As soon as my team lead said, ‘all right, we have a light night tonight,’ I looked up and my manager just opened the door and he just opened fire.

“He wasn’t aiming at anybody specifically. He just literally started shooting throughout the entire break room and I watched multiple people just drop down to the floor, whether they were trying to duck for cover or they were hit.

“He didn’t say a word, he didn’t say anything at all. He just came around the corner and started shooting.

The witness added: “It is by the grace of God that a bullet missed me. I saw the smoke leaving the gun, and I literally watched bodies drop. It was crazy.

“There was always something going on with him just having an issue with someone, but I never expected it would get to this level.”

What happened at the Chesapeake Walmart shooting?

On November 22, 2022, Thanksgiving shoppers were met with horror just an hour before closing.

Consumers who were at the scene reported to police that Bing entered the break room of the Chesapeake Walmart and started firing off at the employees.

As law enforcement swarmed the scene, they discovered the lifeless bodies of seven victims.

Who were the victims?

In the wake of the unfortunate event, a total of seven victims were named.

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