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While Liam Neeson was performing “Ice Road,” it was probably time to slow down a bit

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The film premiered on Netflix, and one can talk about its approximate value, as the pandemic allowed for a slight reduction in the price of the theater, where the commercial prospects of the broadcast service are considered limited.

The “icy road” joins the first by throwing Neeson into a snowy environment, where the unfortunate driver is asked to transport equipment with a dangerous mission to save the lives of trapped miners. Not surprisingly, this is not surprising, and so far Nisson has sighed, “It’s not about the money right now. It’s a personal thing,” in a familiar area, even a “special skill” associated with “Accepted.” even if it does not have a set of “franchising.

To be fair, Nisson has starred in a variety of films throughout this film, and he portrayed the long-winded “Deep Throat” on the theme of Watergate. “Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought the White House” as well as supporting roles in the dramas “Widows” and “Men in Black: International”.

Yet his stream of hard-hitting roles – a few roles that have already been in the works – ranging from his biographical drama “Kinsey” to his fascination with other things that show the depth and breadth of his career, used. For his role in Rob Roy’s Star Wars: The Threat of Imagination.

Simply put, Nisson is in a bit of a weird situation, as “Ice Road” is almost a literal example, as at several points in the film it involves removing large trucks from slimy situations.

On the plus side, given Hollywood’s propensity for age, there’s something convincing about Neson’s ability to pull off such characters with confidence. Like Garrison Ford, even with him recent injury photographing a sequel to the recent “Raids of the Lost Ark,” he was able to stop this trend.

Nisson joked at the 2017 Toronto Film Festival about the post-production lineup, saying that his move to thrillers was an “accident” and that the studios were “throwing serious money at me to do it,” despite his age – 65 at the time. The audience eventually goes: “Come on.”

Neeson later blocked those words and again discussed the war films in the film, which he described as his “retirement.” Entertainment tonight’s interview earlier this year. Still like Michael Corleone “Baptismal Father Part III” Even when Nisan tries to get out, he seems to get it back.

In any case, it almost feels like something that can stop an actor – not by giving up material like this, but by being picked and chosen in this matter.

The bottom line is that Neeson has a really broad range of skills and uses a few of them in this type of film. From time to time there is nothing wrong here, but as the man said, at a certain time, come on.

The Ice Road premiered on June 25 on Netflix. It was rated PG-13.


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