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When it comes to Spencer Dinwiddie, there are opportunities in the networks

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Spencer Dinwiddie is one of only two Nets to have served the longest, following General Manager Sean Marks ’first full season in 2016-17, but that may be coming to an end.

The guard of honor chose $ 12.3 million in the final year of his contract and will become an unrestricted free agent this summer. Given Dinwiddi’s market value – despite the ACL being partially torn, he missed out for most of last season – it was clear. He is expected to know where he will go, how he will get there, and how much he will be paid.

The Knicks, Lakers, Clippers and Bulls have all been offered as potential landings for Dinwiddie through free agency or trade.

“Obviously, Spencer has prepared himself to provide a long-term perspective for the future,” Marx said. “Whether it’s here or we can help him, we want to play a role in that.”

The Nets, who cut both Dinwiddini and Joe Harris from the collection of proverbs in 2016, could sign Dinwiddini again. But this is also possible because of both the finances and the desire of the Los Angeles citizen to return home.

Spencer Dinwiddi is unlikely to wait for Brooklyn.
Corey Sipkin

James Harden and Kyrie Irving not only make up the NBA’s strongest backcourt in contention, but also manage a larger portion of the Nets ’salary. Dinviddie proved himself as a gentle and valuable defender before suffering a knee injury on December 27th. But if Harden and Irving were healthy, it would be a luxury – it would be incredibly expensive.

Dinwiddi’s decision to refuse was easy.

“By the time the free agency starts, I’ll be healthier than I am, so in terms of dollars, you’ll need it,” Dinwiddie told Forbes last month. “Twelve million dollars isn’t the market value for a starting guard. It’s probably around $ 20-25. Obviously, it’s very clear that I refuse.”

Looking to the future, the Raptors ‘Fred VanVleet and the Pacers’ Malcolm Brogdon have both signed four-year, $ 85 million deals. Where can a dinwiddie get a similar salary?

“If Brooklyn want to sign me using my Bird Rights, I’m grateful to be back and trying to win a second championship,” Dinviddie said before the Nets lost to the Bucks in the east. Semifinals of the conference. “If not, then you may want to go somewhere as an unrestricted free agent. It’s an interesting situation.

Former team assistant GM Bobby Marx, who now works for ESPN, said that even if the Nets re-register Dinwiddini for $ 18 million, their luxury tax bill will rise from $ 40 million to $ 114 million. And that doesn’t take into account the cost of retaining free agent Bruce Brown or using the $ 5.9 million average tax rate.

If Dinwiddie doesn’t walk in vain, it looks like a place for the Nicks to land. As The Post reports, there is a lot of interest and space in them. They also need a more aggressive fist and a guard in the glory of age. Dinviddie, who averaged 20.6 points and 6.8 assists in the 2019-20 season, complements both roles.

The third option is trade, which is the best option for the Nets, because Dinwiddie is their best fortune, apart from Harris or the Big 3.

Such a deal would probably not return the same value as Kyle Kuzma or Kentavious Caldwell-Pope from the Lakers. Dealing with a limited team is complicated by the basic annual compensation and the hard check. But three team exchanges could work, and as a result, the Nets could have a draft pick (needed after the trade that brought Hardy to Brooklyn) and a big trade exception.

Bobby Marx talked about a replacement that “nets” could make Reconcile Dinviddini with the bulls (he played for G-League club Windy City), along with Deandre Jordan’s swollen salary and sending this year’s first-round pick into a frenzy. They include former Net Thaddeus Young, the second-round pick of the 2026 Thunderstorm, a $ 9.9 million trade exception, and two years of freedom and still owe $ 20 million to Jordan.

To be more precise, it was a more thoughtful exercise than reporting. But that’s an informed look at what a former Nets assistant GM could do to get back to Dinwoodd.


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