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When did Samantha Fiddler go missing?

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SAMANTHA Fiddler has been missing since the early hours of November 19, 2016.

Now, her disappearance is featured in an NBC documentary about her ex-boyfriend, wrestler Teddy Hart.

When did Samantha Fiddler go missing?

Samantha Fiddler, originally from Alberta, Canada, moved to Florida in 2016 in search of a career in MMA fighting.

She moved to the US on advice from her ex-boyfriend Teddy Hart, who had experience and connections in the wrestling world.

Just months after her big move, Fiddler suddenly disappeared.

Fiddler was 29 years old at the time of her disappearance and the mother of three children.

Do the police have any suspects in Fiddler’s disappearance?

As far as suspects go, Teddy Hart was ruled out early in the investigation, as he has a solid alibi and was in Texas at the time of Fiddler’s disappearance.

Despite multiple interviews with people who knew Fiddler in Florida and Canada, police have continued to hit dead ends in her case.

According to Fiddler’s sister, April, with whom she was reportedly close, Fiddler suddenly stopped responding to her attempts to contact her and also dropped off of social media, where she’d previously been extremely active.

April said: “We were that close.”

“She would’ve gotten a hold of me somehow.”

“She wouldn’t have left her girls.”

April initiated the missing person’s reports in Florida and Canada after several weeks of no communication.

What do Samantha’s friends and family think happened to her?

Samantha’s friends and family were interviewed in the NBC docu-series about Teddy Hart, and they were asked what they believed happened to her.

There was a pretty strong consensus that she wouldn’t have left her three children behind and that she wouldn’t have disappeared from the rest of her family’s lives.

In the series, Samantha’s friend Jayme says: “I don’t know of many people who know somebody who just vanishes.”

“There’s no closure.”

“You’re constantly stuck in this cycle of anger, pain; you’re going through the emotions and stages of grief, but it doesn’t stop… I don’t feel like Sam’s alive.”

Law enforcement in Florida hopes her inclusion in the documentary will help spark some memories of people who may have known Samantha.

If you knew Samantha or have any information about what could have happened to her, you’re asked to call the Florida State Law Enforcement’s Tampa office at (800) 226-1140.

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