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What the Democrats actually have in the Texas Electoral Bills compared to Jim Crow

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Texas House Democrats who fled the state to reject the quorum for A special session dedicated to ssing an election the security bill will be introduced by law enforcement “on arrest, if necessary,” after a 76-4 vote on Tuesday.

dubbing of legislation Home Bill 3, two-thirds of its 150 members would not occur without a quorum. Only 80 of the 150 members attended on Tuesday. In addition, Republicans in the Texas Senate are trying to make their version of the bill known by name Senate Law 1. Senate members are expected to discuss their version of the bill on voting as scheduled on Tuesday, with 22 members present.

Democrats called the bills “Jim Crow 2.0,” accusing Republicans of trying to suppress minority votes. Here’s what’s in the bills:


What’s on Senate Bill 1?

Underneath Senate Bill 1 Rules, if you do not intend to vote on the side of the road due to your disability, you will be prohibited from voting while driving or casting a ballot from inside the vehicle. Voting is prohibited overnight and polling stations must be open for at least nine hours from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Election officials are also required to install a video surveillance system that records the counting of votes, and to broadcast live in constituencies with a population of 100,000 or more. Also, those in large counties should install a tracking program to track “all inputs and activities” on electronic devices used to count votes. From January 1, 2024, the use of devices that do not turn off or remove the wireless connection cable when recording sounds is prohibited.

SB 1 also allows rtisan voters to observe the election process at polling stations and counting centers, as well as outside the barriers that occur inside the vehicle. It would also be a crime to deny access to a voting observer.

In addition, voters were required to attach the driver’s license number or the last four digits of the Social Security number to the envelope containing the e-mail application and their ballots. Persons assisting voters in voting, depending on their language or physical needs, must complete a document stating their name, address, relationship to the voter, and identification by the candidate or political committee. Those who take three or more people to the polls must fill out a similar form if all of the vehicles are not family members.

The Secretary of State is also required to work with the Department of Public Safety on a monthly basis to use the information available from the state-wide voter registration list to verify civil status on voter registration applications. required to provide.

Unlike Senate Act 7, the first voting bill to be killed by Democrats at the next session of the state legislature, SB 1 does not contain two controversial provisions. One could create a process that would facilitate the annulment of election results based on allegations of voter fraud. The second bans voting on Sunday morning, which is popular among Black Churches’ “Spirits to Polls” events during early voting in the 2020 presidential election.

What’s in House Bill 3?

Home Bill 3 It covers most of the same rules as SB. 1. It is also a crime for civil servants to submit or send an application by e-mail to those who have not applied.

The proposals come as Texas government-run Republicans want to join more than 15 other states that have passed laws tightening entry rules. The impetus stems from former President Donald Trump’s unfounded claims that the 2020 election was “stolen” and “rigged”.

In addition to the draft election law, other issues in the Legislative Chamber include: restitution, border security, censorship of the social network, funding of the legislature, prevention of domestic violence, restriction of transgender students’ access to school sports , drugs that cause abortion, additional payments for retired teachers in Texas. , critical racing theory and budget issues.

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