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What is the Antarctica conspiracy?

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HIDDEN civilizations and supposed alien sightings are at the center of conspiracy theories about Antarctica.

Online sleuths think there’s more to be discovered about the icy continent.

What is the Antarctica conspiracy?

For some time, Antarctica has been the focus of a number of conspiracy theories.

Among the more prominent rumors are the sights of alien life and UFOs.

Since the 1960s, some idealists claimed that Nazis secretly seized UFO technology and established a secret base in the continent’s New Swabia region in 1939.

Proponents of this theory believe that the Nazis have been able to keep their use of alien technology hidden for so long because of the region’s hot springs that provide heat and warmth.

The theory was further peddled when web sleuths thought a UFO was spotted on a Google Earth image of Antarctica in March 2018.

Spectators claimed to discover a starship crash on the Arctic island of South Georgia.

Although a white object did appear embedded in the snow near an area that leads to a trail of disturbed ice, the images were debunked.

It turns out that there was no flying alien ship and that the snow was disturbed due to an avalanche.

Up to now, some still say that the Nazis are test-flying their alien-assisted warcraft in secrecy.

Antarctica sleuths have also hypothesized theories related to mystery pyramids, a secret civilization, and a hollow part of Earth found beyond the surfaces of the icy climate.

Is there a hidden world in Antarctica?

In June 2022, scientists from New Zealand conducted an expedition in Antarctica.

While exploring the frigid continent, the expedition team discovered a hidden ecosystem.

The tucked-away world consisted of small and shrimp-like marine crustaceans called amphipods.

The hidden world of amphipods is located 500 meters below Antarctica’s surface.

Are people allowed to go to Antarctica?

Despite the dangerously cold weather, Antarctica is accessible to travelers.

A visa is not required but all visitors need to have a permit before stepping foot on the land.

However, since the land continues not to be inhabited by the human population, it gave room for conspiracies to be perpetuated.

The inhabited continent remains a constant source of scientific expeditions and explorations.

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