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We were forced off plane as passengers from hell wouldn’t scan boarding passes

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TWO passengers from hell were forced off a plane after refusing to scan their boarding passes – their reason why was ridiculous.

The feckless pals stormed onto their Frontier Airlines flight in the US without checking their bags or boarding passes and refused to leave because they were “tired”.

The infuriated duo then got into a heated argument with the cabin crew which led to the whole being emptied.

Footage taken on board showed the raging men screaming with flight attendants after being told the plane could not depart until they disembarked.

The TikTok clip claimed the men “bum rushed though bag measuring” and boarding pass scanning to hop onboard.

Two airline staff came over and pleaded with the men to leave.

One flight attendant said to the pair: “OK you guys need to come now.”

Her colleague adds: “You guys need to come out or we’re gonna need to deplane the entire plane.”

Other passengers were heard yelling at the men, telling them to “get off the f****** plane” so they could depart.

When the men refused, the rest of the passengers began de-boarding.

“If we get off, y’all getting off with us too.” Whack,” the TikTok video said.

It’s believed the flight was departing from Acesparks, Colorado.

As tempers flared, the belligerent pals snapped back: “We paid for our ticket just like y’all. We paid just like y’all. I’m not getting off the plane.

“You understand? We’re tired! We’ve been flying for 20 mother***ing hours with our money. You don’t know what the **** we’ve been through. Since 5.20.

“And we got to this airport two hours early. We’re tired. We’re not going anywhere.”

The person who uploaded the video said the men eventually forced off the flight once all the other passengers left.

They wrote: “After we got off, the cops came onboard to escort them off.

“Then we had to rescan to get back on. Delayed two hours because of these clowns.

“They are now on the No Fly list.”

The Sun Online has contacted Frontier Airlines for comment.

Last month, Love Island contestant got caught up in the chaos on a flight to Ibiza when boozy passengers threw a party on-board.

Dami Hope was onboard the Ryanair flight to Ibiza on Saturday alongside girlfriend Indiyah Polack when he captured the chaos.

A bunch of influencers and TikTok creators were being flown out to the Balearic Island by Spotify for events and closing parties.

But the antics of other passengers on board could not wait until they landed – as one started necking Jack Daniels and another jumped up and down on the small seats.

Husnain Asif, who makes videos on the social media platform, started swinging from the chair heads in the aisle.

Viral TikTok brothers Joe and George Baggzelini from Essex were also among the crowd of people – who then proceeded to jump up and down mid-air.

Music was blasted from phones as they all chanted while other passengers looked to the middle of the plane wondering when normality would resume.

A flight attendant also got caught up in the middle when she tried to deliver more alcohol and ended up with a party-goer’s arm around her.

Dami posted the video to TikTok which has been watched by over three million people.

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