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Trump’s speech put the 2024 GOP presidential race in the spotlight on Sunday, a poll conducted by the CPAC

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DALLAS – The road to the 2024 GOP presidential race will cross Texas on Sunday as former President Trump and two other potential Republican White House contenders take the stage on the final day of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CC) in Dallas.

The results of a Republican presidential poll on the former president, who is expected to dominate, are also in the spotlight, as was the case at the CC in Orlando, Florida, in late February.


The CC, the largest and most influential gathering of conservative leaders and activists, has become a Trump-festival since winning the 2016 presidential election.

Trump, who has been out of the White House for more than five months, remains very popular with the GOP base as he continues to play a royal role in the Republican primary in 2022 and has repeatedly flirted with attempts to return to the White in the 2024 presidential election. is doing. Home.

As expected, Trump easily won the straw poll at the CC in Orlando, Florida, in late February, with 55% support in the first meeting of the 2024 Hypothetical Republicans. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who came in second with 21 percent of the vote, was the only Republican to finish second.


DeSantis, a first-round governor and Trump ally who rose to popularity among conservatives across the country for resisting locking and COVID restrictions against the backdrop of coronavirus infections, easily overcame a second straw poll that did not include Trump. DeSantis backed the hypothetical nomination by 43%, while another strong supporter of Trump, South Dakota Gov. Christie Noem, came in second with 11%.

As in Orlando, the CC poll raises questions on two 2024 GOP nominations – which 3,200 participants receive through an online program – one with Trump, one without a former president.

The results of the straw poll will be announced Sunday afternoon, half an hour before the former president speaks. Trump, who is delivering the keynote address at the summit, is the final keynote speaker at the three-day event.

But another 2,024 applicants will address the crowd this morning – Senator Rick Scott of Nem and Florida, a former two-term governor who currently serves as chairman of the National Republican Senate Committee.

Donald Trump Jr. in 2024?

Some political experts see Trump’s eldest son as a potential contender for the GOP nomination in the next White House race if the former president doesn’t attend.

“I personally didn’t think about it,” Donald Trump Jr. replied before Acesparks ’CC speech on Friday, when asked if he should run 2024 if his father didn’t start the truck.


“Some people are talking about polls about it,” said little Trump, who remains becoming very popular among the MAGA crowd.

And he said, “Even though I’m at the top of the list, I’ve seen a group that puts me at the top. Who knows. The truth with this job is that you also want to do the day-to-day work. It’s not just ‘I’m good at participating in this fight.’ ‘raman. I love fighting there for what I believe in as a conservative. I will do it regardless. “

Crenshu is postponing the 2024 speech

Texas representative Dan Crenshau, who is rising in the GOP, wrapped up a three-day swing across New Hampshire on Saturday, the first time the state has held a presidential candidate calendar in a century.


Crenshu, who lost his eyesight in battle while serving as a U.S. Navy SEAL officer in Afghanistan, attended a fundraising ceremony for the GOP state. She is also a special guest at the Golden Star family dinner. Gold Star families whose husbands, children, tenants, siblings, or loved ones have died during combat in U.S. military service. He also spoke while swimming with the Mission (SWAM) Veterans Festival, a day of military-themed events for families to support veterans.

Political analysts see Crenshu, 37, as the Republican candidate for the next presidency, and a visit to New Hampshire will further strengthen expectations.

But Crenshaw is pouring cold water on such rumors.

And on Thursday he said WMUR TV station In New Hampshire, “not soon,” when asked about running for president.

A call to cattle in Iowa

This weekend, Iowa is heading toward a state where public groups have been abandoning their presidential candidate calendars for half a century.

Former Vice President Mike Pence, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Noem will speak in Des Moines on Friday at the annual summit hosted by Iowa’s influential social conservative group, the Family Leader.

The Family Leadership Summit is described on the group’s website as “the largest gathering of Christians in the Midwest seeking cultural change”.

Former Vice President Mike Pence speaks at the GH Lincoln-Reagan Dinner in Hillsboro County, Manchester, NH, Thursday, June 3, 2021 (AP Photo / Elise Amendola)

Earlier in the day, Pence will announce a fundraiser for Republican Rep. Randy Feenstra at the Feenstra Family Picnic in Sue Center, Iowa.

Iowa is celebrating Pence’s third visit to the state in early voting in recent months, at an event in South Carolina in late April and in New Hampshire last month.

Pompeo’s stop in Iowa will be his second step this year.

Last week, South Carolina’s Republican Party announced that Pompeo would be coming out on July 30 with an annual silver elephant gala title. The event was the largest fundraiser for Republicans in the state, which ranked third on the GOP candidate calendar.

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