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Triple H and Shawn Michaels react to Johnny Gargano’s ring gear at WWE NXT Takeover

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Johnny Gargano is known by many fans as the face of NXT due to his excellent feud with the likes of Tommaso Ciampa and Adam Cole. His in-ring skills are certainly one of the best in the company.

At the WWE NXT Takeover: Your House event, Johnny Gargano competed in a Fatal-Five Way match for the NXT Championship, which featured Adam Cole, Pete Dunn, Kyle O’Reilly, and current WWE NXT Champion Carrion Cross.

Johnny Gargano’s ring gear definitely stood out because it was him paying tribute to Shawn Michaels. while speaking WWE’s The Bump, Johnny Gargano reveals Triple H and Shawn Michaels’ hilarious reaction to him in Ring Gear backstage.

“Shawn” [Michaels] and [Triple H] Really didn’t know we were doing this. they did not know [that I was going to wear that gear].

Literally when I tried it, I was sending pictures to Austin and Indy and I was like “man this is wild”. So I turned it on and we all put on our gear and I went to Shawn and Hunter and I wish I had a camera crew and I wish I could bottle that moment because the real joy that came on their faces when they Realized what we were doing was great.”

“It was fun because we put the gear on and then we were going to take pictures in the gear. That was our plan and Shawn and Hunter were basically trying to take pictures like dads. [They were] Trying to take pictures with my own phone is like “Oh stand there. All together. Bring people in” and I’m like “We’re going to take real professional pictures,” and they’re like “oh well “Can we take pictures with you”, and I’m like “Yeah guys come on.””

Johnny Gargano is known to have a variety of special ring gear for the NXT Takeover event and this Take Your House was no different. It is currently the leader of The Way and remains one of the mainstays of the Black & Gold brand.

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