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To “move forward” with the Covid vaccine despite the CureVac test results

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An employee of the German biopharmaceutical company CureVac is conducting research on the coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine on March 12, 2020 in a laboratory in Tuebingen, Germany.

Andreas Gebert | Acesparks

CureVac plans to continue working on the Covid-19 vaccine, with the result that clinical trial results were disappointing, but the shock was only 48% effective.

The German biotechnology firm on Wednesday released a final analysis of clinical trials of a coronavirus vaccine called CVnCoV, confirming that the shot was 48% effective against Covid of any weight across all age groups and 15 different options.

CureVac finance director Pierre Kemula defended the vaccine on Acesparks on Thursday, but said clinical research was conducted at a time when many new strains of the virus are spreading around the world.

“Now we need to talk to the EMA [European Medicines Agency] and we want to make sure we have an open dialogue and share all the information we need to assess the way forward, ”he said in an interview with Acesparks’s Squawk Box Europe.

Asked whether he would continue to produce the vaccine when there were other successful personnel already deployed in Europe and elsewhere, Kemula said the company would meet its contractual obligations.

“We have a contract with the European Commission to supply 225 million doses of the drug, so I think we need to plow,” he said.

“Jabs need to be given a lot, there are a lot of people under the age of 60 who haven’t used the vaccine to date. So if we contribute to the fight – during a pandemic, it’s also a middle ground with other avenues. term [multivalents] … this is what we will continue to work on. “Polyvalent or polyvalent vaccines are designed to vaccinate against multiple strains of the virus.

The CureVac test results, which covered 40,000 participants in ten countries in Latin America and Europe, showed that the vaccine was more effective in young participants. Among those aged 18 to 60 years, the efficacy rate was 53% against diseases of any severity and increased to 77% against moderate and severe diseases in the same age group.

However, as Covid-19 poses a greater risk to older people, test results are disappointing, as two other vaccines made using an RNA (mRNA) messenger – Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna – have proven to be more than 90% effective. Prevention of Covid-19 infection. Shares of CureVac fell 13% in pre-market trading on Thursday.

CureVac CEO Dr. Franz-Werner Haas also defended the results in a statement on Wednesday, saying the vaccine is “extremely important for public health” for people aged 18 to 60, and that the Covid-19 pandemic and “dynamic variant spread” . “

He also cited “the current state of the environment in which the Kovid-19 variants are increasingly diverse.”

Several variants emerged during the pandemic, some more toxic than others, such as the alpha variant first discovered in the UK and the delta variant first discovered in India – and Kemula believes mutations will occur. he said.

“As the number of people infected with the coronavirus continues to grow, we are continuing the evolution of the disease as it moves forward and has more and more options,” Kemula said. “We had to think about how we could better manage this with current vaccines, but also with different boosters (booster shocks),” he added.


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