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Three bedroom family home could be yours for £175k – but there’s a dark catch

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A COZY three-bedroom home has gone up for sale at just £175,000 – but there is a dark catch.

Prospective buyers will recognize the incredible value for money, but the property’s gruesome past might put a few people off.

The house in Clydach, South Wales, is tastefully decorated and spacious, but has been hard to sell due to it’s grisly secret.

It was once home to Mandy Power, her two children and her mum Doris.

However, in 1999, Doris, Mandy and her daughters Katie, 10, and Emily, eight, were murdered in the property, which was set on fire to try and destroy the evidence of the crime.

Firefighters arrived quickly and were luckily able to save the house.

Local man David Morris, who was Ms Power’s lover at the time, was convicted of the murders in 2002.

The verdict was overturned on appeal, but then reconfirmed by a retrial in 2006.

Another appeal application was rejected in 2018, but the police signaled the possibility of a review last year after a 2020 BBC documentary brought forward two new potential witnesses.

Since the horrific crime, the house has only been sold once, changing hands in 2003 for £48,000.

The new owner has extended the property, which now boasts three spacious reception rooms.

It also features a well-maintained garden, complete with a seating area and bar.

The estate agents make no mention of the gory murders on their listing, which states only that they have “material information” regarding the property.

However a spokesperson confirmed that interested buyers will be informed of the house’s past.

They said: “We took legal advice and have a responsibility to tell people.”

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