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Thomas Sapapki made one odd debut for the Mets

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Thomas Szapucki threw two pitches, they went back in his direction and, appetizing, they didn’t fall at all.

It was a strange MLB debut for Szapukki, who came out on top in fourth place with a ninth deficit and scored 11 goals, but was unable to get past the Mets, who lost 20-2. jasur. A moment of years to finish 10th in the organization has become a game that almost everyone wants to forget.

“I was so excited,” Szapucki said. “I’ve been working with this for a long time. Definitely not what I was looking for [in terms of results] But I was very happy to be able to give my team the innings they need and now our stick is new. ”

Szapuki’s butterfly was barely settled when its first height was cut back to the top. He looked at the third defensive line that could have broken Dansby Swanson, who was stiff, but he was mistakenly thrown to the first base and allowed Swanson to score.

Szapuki’s second-place finish left James McKenna behind, but he hit the brick back and hit the home plate. Since no runner advanced, it was not officially a wild field. It felt like it was once a year, but Szapucki repeated it later during the inning and was injured using a friendly jump to get the third inning in the base tracks.

Thomas Sapapki
Thomas Sapapki
Corey Sipkin

“I was a little nervous at first,” Szapucki said. “After that first inning, I think I settled in and slowed myself down.”

Among the bizarre incidents included a pop-up that took Szapucki to the skies of an adventure that required a stumble and an unjust offense before he was fired in his first career. He twice resigned the great Ronald Acuna Jr., but handed over a 400-yard house to Erie Adrianza and Ozzi Albies.

Szapucki, who is a starter in the minor leagues, has thrown 82 yards, indicating he could be a complementary starter if the Mets need David Peterson after a recent injury. But it clearly didn’t inspire confidence, as the petrol ran out in the eighth, and the games were left with bases loaded and without outputs.

“Maybe we demanded something more from him there,” said manager Luis Rojas.

In his professional pitching debut, midfielder Albert Almora closed the Szapucki line with three walks and three square / rectangular shots, allowing all three inherited runners to score. .

In the fifth round, which was called to William T. Dwyer High School in Florida in 2015, Szapucki dropped only 179 ² / ₃ careers to the juveniles. He was 0-3 with a 4.41 ERA in Triple-A this season, but the Mets decided it was time for veteran traveler Jared Eikhoff to be appointed this week.

What is the best advice Szapucki received before the game?

“It’s just the same game with different players,” he said, “so you pitch as usual and good things come.”

Szapucki, a baseball-proud Toms River (NJ) who climbed to the No. 5 prospect in the Mets system ahead of the 2018 season, was derailed as a result of Tommy John’s surgery. He also missed time due to back and shoulder injuries, and the canceled 2020 Premier League season affected him.

And now those injuries could give him a second chance this weekend.


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