“There’s No Place for Me” – WWE Hall of Fame Corey Graves and Pat McAfee play her ideal commentary roles


WWE legend JBL has spoken of a possible return to the company’s commentary. Having an ankle commentator at WWE Hall of Famer, SmackDown and RAW, he feels he has no place in himself.

JBL took time off from WWE in 2006 to recover from a back injury by becoming a commentator for SmackDown. He returned to the ring in 2009 before resigning for life. The former world champion moved to the commentary stand once again in 2012 and was featured on SmackDown until 2017.

In a recent question-and-answer session on his YouTube page, JBL was asked to return to comment on WWE. JBL did not rule this out, but Corey Graves and Pat McAfee held two compensation commentary positions at WWE.

“There’s no room for me. I mean, Corey Graves and Pat McAfee are the two points where the heel commentator, you know? There’s SmackDown and Raw. I don’t really fit into the NXT mold because I didn’t do it.” plays the role very well. When I first heard that Wade Barrett was fantastic and that he would be a commentator for them, I sent him a note saying that he really recommended it because he was so great and so was he. He’s a smart guy, a great voice. But these guys are all smart guys with great voices and awesome insights. I think Corey and Pat and Wade are doing a great job, ”JBL said. (H / T Post kurashi)

JBL said both commenters are young and that they may not move away from the role any time soon.

Current WWE commentators

WWE has made very few changes to the comment group over the past few years. Currently, the RAW review team includes Corey Graves, Byron Saxon, and former MMA commentator Jimmy Smith.

Michael Cole and Pat McAfee are both commentators at SmackDown. After participating in several different roles at WWE in the past, McAfee played a role earlier this year.

Vic Joseph, Wade Barrett and WWE Hall of Famer, Beth Phoenix, serve as commentators at NXT.