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The White House is taking the right approach in the fight against the Covid-19 delta option, Gottlieb said

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The Biden administration is taking the right approach in the fight against the highly contagious Covid-19 delta option by placing response teams in vulnerable communities, Dr. Scott Gottlieb said Thursday.

“I think the administration is doing the right thing in terms of changing its strategy,” Gottlieb, a former FDA chief under former President Donald Trump, told Acesparks’s “News with Shepard Smith” about the lower echelons of the new administration. in an interview with.

Gottlieb said the targeted response will help groups focus on vaccinating the vulnerable population against the Covid and delta option.

“Now we need to move to an initial strategy and try to invest in local communities to encourage local groups to vaccinate people, hand over vaccines to doctors, and find ways to get more vaccines. small providers that can encourage vaccination, ”Gottlieb said.

The Delta variant is leading to a dramatic increase in new Covid cases across the country and now accounts for about 25 percent of a series of new cases in U.S. officials, holding the dominant alpha variant in the country and waiting for it to become the dominant species in the country. .

Rochelle Valensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, explained that the level of partial vaccination of corn is slow. The CDC director noted that one-third of all provinces in the country have so far vaccinated less than 30 percent of their population. He said most of them are in the South and Midwest.

Background: Scott Gottlieb is a member of Acesparks and a member of Pfizer boards, Tempus genetic testing, health technology company Aetion Inc. and Illumina Biotechnology Company.


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