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The Washington Post’s “outdated” panel glorifying Texas Dems says it is “stepping up overseas.”

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The Washington Post’s report that Democratic lawmakers in Texas were “flying away” to block voting bills was met with hatred by the “number” newspaper.

“It was almost not a Hollywood thriller,” said Kaylee Makenani, co-host of No World.

Texas Democrats have fled the state and held a special legislative session to temporarily block Republican-backed electoral reform bills on voter repression. GOP lawmakers have defended them and other statewide election laws across the country as making it easier to vote and harder to cheat.

A four-line story in the Washington Post repeated “Dozens of Democratic lawmakers have said goodbye to the rents of young children and the elderly, made deals to leave their homes and jobs, moved out of Texas satisfactorily, and have been severely reprimanded for moving away from their responsibilities in the Texas legislature.”


“They chose Washington, a place where they were completely hidden, for a reason: to attract national attention and increase their share in long-term efforts. pressure Congress and President Biden have approved federal protections for the right to vote, which legitimizes restrictions imposed by Texas Republicans and dozens of other legislatures across the country, ”the Post wrote.

After the U.S. Capitol performed a clip of the civil rights anthem singing “We Win,” Makena told guest John James that the “Post” seemed to have a belligerent look.

“It bothers me,” James said, running in the U.S. Senate election in Michigan before taking part in the Iraq war. “We really said goodbye to our loved ones and family members and went to harm, to protect our rights and to protect our freedoms.


“Instead of actually doing things … it makes me sad when I hear them using it to call for this courage. It’s cowardice when you run.”

Texas Democrats became somewhat popular on social media while documenting their exploits, with one tweeting about his “victim” and the other mocking him for posting his first meal as a “refugee”. Their beer and smiling, unmasked photos on the charter plane were also ridiculed.

“These idiots want to play fugitive. They have no idea what a real prison and criminal system is like,” said Emily Komgno, co-host of “number one.” “Do they want to shed light on real criminals and detainees? Tell that to the families of the convicts. Tell that to the families of the victims.”

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