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The Republican mayor of Los Angeles is making vaccinations mandatory for some city workers who work in public

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According to reports, the mayor of Los Angeles has proposed a policy that requires city employees working with the community to be vaccinated.

Lancaster, California, Republican Mayor R. Rex Rris, who has served since 2008, called it “negligence,” saying that if the public wants you to be 6 feet away, you should be vaccinated or help you find another job in the city before the crisis is over. we give. “

Those who refused could be suspended without y.

“We have every right to do everything we can to address health issues and protect the health of the population,” he told Acesparks 11.

Rris says he should have the right to decide whether Americans want to be vaccinated, but city officials who work with the public should think about the health of others.

“There are some risks with the vaccine, but the risk of not taking it outweighs them,” Rris said.

HOUSTON HOSPITAL: 153 workers who refused the vaccine were fired or fired.

The White House has accepted President Biden’s call for a door-to-door movement across the country.

“How can you not knock on my door,” Rep-Den Denren, of Texas, said on Twitter on July 6th. “You’re not my rent. You’re not the government. Prepare the vaccine and let the people be free. Why is this concept so difficult for the left?”

The hospital in Houston also announced national news in early summer when more than 150 employees were laid off or refused to receive the vaccine required of workers.

“It’s sad that today’s milestone in making the Houston Methodist the safest hospital system in the country is overshadowed by a number of disgruntled employees,” Houston Methodist Hospital CEO Mark Boom said last month.

“I’m tired of the controls and I’m tired of people trying to tell me what to do,” said Jennifer Bridges, a nurse who led workers who chose to give up the vaccine, during a protest to the Houston Press. He was later fired.

“Last summer I had KOVID, I didn’t need this vaccine and the Methodist didn’t care, it wasn’t possible at all,” he told Sean Hannite last month.

Returning to Lancaster, Rris told Acesparks 11 that he would immediately implement the request for the vaccine as an emergency order if there were no objections from the city council at Tuesday night’s city meeting.

This was reported by labor lawyer Angela Reddock-Wright station employers have the right to grant vaccination powers to employees, regardless of health or religious reasons.

“For me, it’s unacceptable for a city employee to knowingly accept the risk of getting someone’s life-threatening illness,” Rris told KABC-TV.

rris says the criticism from some in his rt doesn’t bother him. “If you want to associate it with a crazy left mayor – I don’t care what you tell me. Just don’t kill people.” KABC reported.

The Los Angeles County Health Department has reported a recent increase in cases involving the infectious delta option.

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