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The owner of a Texas store is demanding that customers bring the letter to the new “Jim Crow” in response to the mask’s demands.

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The owner of a bookstore Texas circulated a letter from an unknown customer claiming to be on social media COVID-19 business-like mask requirements lead to a new form of ‘Jim Crow’.

An anonymous client, who introduced himself as a librarian in Austin, wrote a letter to the owner of an inthed Porch bookstore in Bastrop, Texas, expressing frustration at leaving the bookstore at their mask request.

“I try to support local businesses, especially bookstores, because they look like they’re dying,” the letter said. “However, I can’t stand theater with a ‘mask’ anymore.”

The owner of a TEXAS BAR prohibits shoppers from wearing coronavirus masks from the inside

According to the librarian, COVID-19 “is being used as a political tool to divide and polarize people, families and communities.”

“In order to destabilize society, destabilize the situation of kind, caring and caring people, stop the local economy and small businesses like yours, lose access to broad and comprehensive legal information, and improve lives like ours. is being deliberately manipulated. Know this, ”he continued.

“I found the book in your window to be funny, because soon, if we let this weird agenda turn into a full crop, a new form of‘ serat but equal ’, a new form of separation, A new version of “Jim” will appear. The Crow, “he added.


The librarian wrote that the letter was to be written “in a way that is hateful and ridiculous,” as well as anonymous because of the many accusations and ugly assumptions about those who do not believe in the “mask” or security that is not approved by the FDA. ‘vaccines.’ “

“Please seek the truth, for neither he nor humanity is in front of you, behind a mask or a government assignment; we all tremble in our boots and stare at each other,” he concluded the letter. “Just as the forces want.”

In May, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott issued an order preventing schools and state agencies in the state from demanding masked mandates.

Currently, businesses in Lone Star State are not required by law to have a masked mandate, but business owners are not prohibited from forcing one of their own within their business.

Verch owner Ryan Holly, who shared the letter on social media, did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Acesparks.

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