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The Florida legislature has transferred 40 percent of condominium association payments to the general fund since 2008: report

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At least 79 people were killed and 61 still unaccounted for a year before a 12-story building collapsed in southern Florida, the state raised $ 13.7 million from condominium owners ’associations, holiday homes and mobile homes, but took $ 5 million to the state building. According to the Daytona Beach News-Journal.

These funds should be collected at the beginning of each year educating board members handling complaints, but the state has become accustomed to swallowing funds.

Since 2008, the state has transferred $ 65 million of the $ 167 million taxed, almost 40 percent to the general fund. Daytona Beach News-Journal.

“We’ve been saying for years, don’t sweep that money away,” said Travis Moore, a representative of Florida condominium associations through public association institutions. “But every year the Legislature redistributes that money.”

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The transfer of the money to the General Fund of the States raises fears that many of the warning signs of construction problems in Champlain Towers South may have been ignored before the building collapsed on the night of June 24th.

Jean Vodnikki, president of the building’s condominium association, warned residents just over two months before the demolition that more than $ 15 million worth of buckets were needed.

“Most of this work could have been done or planned in previous years,” Vodnicki wrote in an April 9 letter, Wall Street Journal. “But that’s where we are now.”

A 2018 report by Morabito Consultants said improperly laid waterproofing is preventing water from flowing to the bottom of the building’s pool.

“Unsuccessful waterproofing will lead to large-scale construction of concrete structural slabs under these areas,” the report said. “If waterproofing is not replaced in the near future, the rate of deterioration of concrete will increase exponentially.”

While investigators are trying to understand why the building collapsed and other buildings in Florida are dangerous, search teams at the site went to the rescue two weeks after Wednesday’s crash, saying “there is no chance of life.” .

Rescue teams are still working a 12-hour shift to find the 61 missing victims.

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