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The Daytona officer’s condition led to the police chief’s outrage that he was released early by Congress and shot in the line of duty.

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The Florida police officer, who was in critical condition after being shot in the head by a suspect late last month, is now “speaking and opening his eyes,” the Florida congressman – who is facing criticism from the chief of staff for revealing it. information.

Rep-Mike Walsh, R-FLa., Said Daytona Beach Police Officer Jason Raynor learned of his condition after talking to his boss. Othal Wallace, who is accused of shooting Raynor in the head during a stop on June 23, was arraigned on Thursday on charges of attempted murder.

“His mother felt comfortable within a few weeks of leaving the hospital,” Walsh wrote on Twitter, providing an update on Raynor’s condition. “Nothing but a miracle!”

The man is accused of setting an AK-47 on fire near police officers during a traffic stop

However, Daytona Beach Police Chief Jakari Young criticizing the waltz on Friday to disclose information.

“If I or @DaytonaBchPD had intended to report Officer Raynor’s condition, we would have done it ourselves! @Michaelgwaltz had NO RIGHT to write this tweet!” Young posted on Twitter. “I apologize to the Reynor family for violating their trust. It’s nothing but the best policy.”

Walsh later offered his “Reynor family and sincere apologies” and Daytona Beach Police.

“I was thrilled to look forward to the good news for Officer Raynor and did not intend to share information that was not intended to be published. I will continue to pray for a speedy recovery,” he wrote in his next tweet.

When Acesparks contacted Daytona Beach Police on Friday to inquire about Raynor’s condition, a dertment spokesman said, “Based on Rep. Mike Walsh’s report, it’s not our practice to confirm someone else’s tweet / statement” and “there’s nothing extra in the chief.

Raynor’s body camera recorded the shooting, and the video showed Wallace getting out of the driver’s seat as the officer approached and Raynor refusing to ask him to sit down.


After a short exchange, the two begin to fight, and Raynor says, “Stop! Stop, man!” before firing. The officer has since been hospitalized in critical condition.

At the time of his arrest, Wallace was reportedly placed in a gun-filled tree on the ground belonging to “Not Around the Coalition.”

The group, also known as the NFAC, has previously been involved in at least one violent clash. The member accidentally shot and killed three of his comrades during an armed rally in Louisville, Kiev, in July 2020.

There were violent rhetoric and black power messages against the police on Facebook, which now belongs to the removed police and was allegedly run by Wallace.

He was convicted of a lengthy offense, including assault and battery.

Acesparks reporters Michael Ruiz and Audrey Conklin contributed to the report.

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