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Texas law empowers House Speaker to “arrest” fugitive Dems: Ted Cruz

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A number of Democrats in Texas could be arrested in order to block voting on the proposed election law. In an interview with America’s Newsroom, Senator Ted Cruz explained that he gave the speaker of the state legislature the power to arrest fugitive members of the House. Cruz believes Democrat lawmakers will return and the voting bill will be repealed.


SENATOR TED CRUZ: I think the Texas legislature will end up adopting and passing laws on the integrity of elections. You see what the Democrats are doing here – it’s a political ploy. When they boarded a private plane to fly to Washington, they almost had to show an ID to get on that plane. And yet they are doing it willingly because they don’t want the ballots sent in the mail to be confirmed. They don’t want signatures to be checked. They don’t want the key stages of integrity in Texas to be strengthened. At the end of the day, politics. And they have to go back to doing their job. And one way or another, they do it.

Under the Texas Constitution, the speaker was empowered to arrest fugitive members of the House. This rule is literally copied from the U.S. Constitution. And so this cascade fails. They will come back. There will be a quorum. And I believe that the legislature will do its job and protect the integrity of the election. Ensuring that people vote, as well as preventing fraud on our part, ensuring that there are no people voting illegally.

Watch the full interview below

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