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Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush is suing the Biden administration for completing the construction of the border walls

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Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush announced Wednesday that he has filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration for its controversial decision to end the construction of the border wall, a move by Lone Star State to counter the president’s border policy. series of actions.

“The issue here is simple – no one is above the law, and that includes President Biden,” Bush told a news conference.

TEXAS GOV. ABBOTT is winning the federation for “completely leaving” the borders of “unprecedented” immigrant surgery

The lawsuit was filed by Bush as a Texas defense task force set up to detect federal extremism and combat perceived threats to the Texan economy. He sues Biden and the National Security Agency for ending the wall construction.

More than 450 miles of border walls, including Texas, were built during the Trump administration. Opponents of the wall construction said it was brutal and ineffective, while supporters said it was an important part of the border strategy to stop the flow of illegal immigration.

Biden stopped construction on his first day of work and began considering how to resolve ongoing funding and contracts. The Pentagon announced in April that the funds would be used for previously delayed military construction projects.

In June, DHS announced that the remaining funds would be used to address safety and environmental issues near construction sites. Dertment noted efforts to address the breaches for the border wall in the Rio Grande Valley, but the agency said it could lead to serious flooding, as well as efforts to address soil erosion in San Diego.


“The construction of a wall along the southern border in recent years is just one example of the previous administration’s misplaced priorities and its inability to manage migration safely, orderly and humanely,” the White House said in a statement on plans.

On Wednesday, Bush said Congress had allocated billions of dollars to build the border walls and opposed the redistribution by the Biden administration.


“Now, four years after the first funding law was signed, President Biden has announced that he is no longer simply complying with the law and has illegally stopped all construction to build the wall,” he said. “It’s wrong. It’s illegal. And it can’t be held in court.”

Bush’s statement came after Governor Greg Abbott announced last month that Texas was continuing its efforts to build the wall – a $ 250 million drop in revenue for the project, which is also a public charity. The first one raised about $ 400,000. week.

“Make no mistake, the border crisis we are currently experiencing is a direct result of the open border policy pursued by the Biden administration,” Abbott said of the move.

Following the announcement, Bush said an emergency permit would be obtained on state lands to expedite the completion of construction work.

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