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Texas Gov. Abbott vows to fund and help him win 2022 re-election

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He faces a trio of Republican primary contenders as he runs for re-election next year, but two-term Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is confident of his electoral position.

“Look at my voting numbers, they’re very, very strong. In addition, I already have $ 55 million in the bank and I’m very aggressive in fundraising,” Abbott told Acesparks Sunday. in an interview. he pointed to his position among Texas Republicans in public opinion polls and the amount of cash in his wallet.

The ABBOTT controversy is that the proposed electoral reforms will make it easier to “VOTE” IN TEXAS.

While he stressed that “I take it all seriously, and that shows that,” the governor said, “If someone across Texas decides to run against me, there are resources and a lot to provide for it. promised to have the support of the people. ” we can win. “

Abbott faces major challenges to the right of Texas GOP chairman Allen West, former state Sen. Don Huffines and political commentator Chad Prater.

Speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CCP) in Dallas on Saturday, the Huffins jabbed at the Abbott.

“We don’t have Donald Trump as governor, nor Ron DeSantis as governor,” the former conservative lawmaker accused. “Unfortunately, we have a career politician who is a political wind, RINO.”

The West, who has served a politically charged term in Congress representing the state of Florida, did not remember the governor as he addressed conservative activists and leaders at the CC on Sunday morning.

West Trump’s reservation of ABBOTT “does not offend” initial lawsuit against “TEXAS GOVERNOR”

The Texas GOP chairman is suing the outgoing West Gov. for his vocal criticism of Abbott’s actions against the coronavirus epidemic last year. He even took part in a protest against the Abbot in front of the governor’s palace.

In an interview with Acesparks on Friday, he criticized the governor for the unstable issue of border security, noting that “many Texans are not happy with the governor’s COVID restrictions.”

Allen West, a former Florida state GOP chairman from Texas, is speaking at CC Dallas on July 11, 2021 in Dallas, Texas.

In the sixth week, Abbott’s title is to sign laws restricting the teaching of critical racing theory in his state and allow Texas to carry weapons without a license. The most important item on the list of things to do for state lawmakers during a special legislative session that began Thursday is that the USSR tightened its right to vote for legislation supported by the GOP, which was violated by Democrats at the end of the session.

Abbott had recently promised to complete the construction of the border wall, which began under former President Trump’s administration, and there has been an increase in the number of immigrants crossing the border this year. And a week and a half ago, he joined Trump and won national titles when he attended an event on the unfinished part of the Texas border wall.

Some conservatives in Texas say Abbott’s muscles are an attempt to protect his right wing as a large amount of fire erupted last year from angry Texas conservatives over his masked mandates and COVID-19 restrictions on businesses. . The governor was so enthusiastic about managing the state’s devastating winter storm earlier this year that it led to a power outage that resulted in millions of Texans freezing to unusually cold temperatures.

But David Carney, Abbott’s longtime political adviser, says lamb policy is not the driving force behind the governor’s tumultuous career.

“We don’t focus on all the conversations,” Carney recently told Acesparks. “We’re 100% sure we know where the Republican primary voters are. We’re not worried about the primary at all.”

Abbott is not speaking at Dallas this weekend.

“Where’s Greg Abbott?” Said huffines on Saturday. “Why isn’t he here?”

In response to his question, he accused the governor of “not being here because he doesn’t want to face you.”

A TEXAS-sized battle for the vote. Entrance to the second round

The governor, who was invited to speak at the CC in Dallas, is in Austin and is absent because he is attending a special session of the Texas legislature asking for the completion of unfinished business from an extraordinary session. On Saturday, the governor briefed state lawmakers and sheriffs of counties on the southern border with Texas about the state’s efforts to address the crisis on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, on the right, listens to former President Donald Trump during a visit to the unfinished part of the border wall in Parr, Texas, on Wednesday, June 30, 2021.  (AP Photo / Erik Gay)

While his non-participation in the CC has allowed Huffines’ accusations to go unanswered, Abbott has another strong shotgun as he seeks re-election – confirming Trump, who is a GOP base in Texas and across the country. remains very popular among voters.

In an interview with Acesparks, Brendan Steinhauser, an honorary Republican strategist in Austin, said Abbott was “on a very good ground right now … We’ll see if any of these guys get involved. I’m not a pawnbroker, but I don’t think so.” I’m sure he’ll lose today. “

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