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Texas Democrats plan to leave the city once again as lawmakers review GOP voting laws

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Democrats Texas The House of Representatives is once again planning to flee the state, with a second proposal to prevent it Republic The controversial GOP-sponsored election bill, which seeks to strengthen voting permitting rules, was passed by a majority in the legislature.

Democrat lawmakers on Monday denied the quorum needed in the chamber to take voting action, with a source familiar with the plans confirmed on Acesparks aiming to fly to Washington. Republicans say the bill would provide greater electoral security, while Democrats say it will suppress minority voter turnout.


Under Texas law, Democratic lawmakers can be arrested by flight.

Texas Democrats tore down the original bill in late May, at the end of the legislature, with a march that drew national attention.

The bill, announced last week by state House Republicans, creates new identification requirements for voting by mail and was used during the 2020 election, when the Democratic base in Houston, Harris County, was used. the largest city.

But unlike the regular session bill, the new proposed law does not prohibit voting on Sunday morning, which has been sharply criticized by churches for unfairly targeting black voters who voted through coordinated, “spirit-to-vote” efforts.

Notably, the election bill is far from the only item on the agenda of a special session convened by GOP’s three-term governor, Greg Abbott, which began on Thursday.

The the governor said last Wednesday what the republican-controlled legislature discusses during the session – it can last up to 30 days.

In addition to the Electoral Bill, hostage recovery, border security, social media censorship, legislative funding, prevention of domestic violence, restrictions on transgender students ’access to school sports, drugs that cause abortion, Additional fees for retired teachers in Texas, critical issues. race theory and budget issues.

But the fight over the election bill is moving to a central stage as Texas Republicans try to join more than 15 other states that have passed laws that control the state government and tighten voting access rules.

These states include important battlefields for the Arizona, Florida, and Georgia elections. Former President Donald Trump’s 2020 presidential election has been fueled by repeated baseless allegations of “fraud” and “theft”.

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