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Texas Democrats discuss next election reform rhetoric: “Everything is on the table”

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Texas Democrats may consider another march in the state’s special legislature this month, as speeches by a large number of lawmakers in May overturned a controversial Republican bill in the GOP-led legislature until midnight.

The bill to reform the election could probably be considered in a special session, writes The Texas Tribune.

The previous march caught the attention of the White House, with Vice President Kamala Harris meeting with several Texas lawmakers in Washington in June.

This week, lawmakers talked about why they might re-apply this tactic.

“In terms of coincidences, because we are unaware, we need to keep open any option that involves a quorum rejection,” said Dallas Democrat Gylas Gonzalez, deputy chairman of the House Electoral Commission. “I think a lot of people want to see what happens [the elections bill] before making a decision. “

The bill, which was blocked by Democrats, would have abolished voting in elections, given the powers of election observers and set new requirements, including new requirements for voting by mail in Texas. nation.


Republicans could not vote on the bill because no Democrats rejected the quorum needed to vote for them.

The bill is backed by Republicans in the state, who see it as common sense to ensure the integrity of the election. Democrats see the bill as an attempt to dissuade minorities from voting.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican, called the bill “something that’s needed for emergencies.”

“Everything is on the table,” said Nicole Collier, a Democratic state spokeswoman for Fort Worth. “Right now, we’re not removing any options,” he said, but said there was no agreement on any action.

Democrats need to wait to see what the election bill will look like, as well as assess what is on the session agenda and how it will be structured, the Tribune writes.

Some Democrats made no comment during the march, but most supported their colleagues. Democrat State spokesman Eagle ss Eddie Morales told The Tribune that it would be better to argue against the substance of the bill in the room.

A few weeks after the march, Abbott threatened to veto legislature and staff cuts and legislative funding.

“Texans don’t shy away from legislative struggles and stay away from unfinished business,” Abbott said of the veto. “Funds should not be allocated to those who leave their jobs early, those who leave their unfinished jobs in their states, and those who incur large expenses for taxpayers for an additional legislative session. Therefore, I oppose and reject these allocations.”

Democrats have accused Abbott of acting like a “dictator.”

Harris invited several Democrats in Texas to the White House last month to discuss voting rights.

“As an administration, we will do everything we can to raise the voice of those who seek to preserve the right of the people to vote,” Harris said at a June 16 meeting. KTVT-TV Dallas. “It’s not a Democrat or Republican issue, it’s an American issue.”

Vice President Kamala Harris will receive members of the Texas Senate and House of Representatives who blocked legislation that would make it harder for Texas residents to vote in May, Washington, DC, June 16, 2021.  .  (Reuters)

Legislators ’salaries are constitutionally guaranteed, but employees’ salaries are not guaranteed, meaning Democrats who don’t attend a special session can risk the salaries of their employees. Tribune.

The special session will begin next Thursday.

Edmund DeMarche of Acesparks contributed to this news.

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