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Team Wilder interviews Chris Colbert? boxing news 24

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By Ismail Chunara: A few days back, Chris Colbert was interviewed by Nestor Gibbs on BoxingVoice, in which he gave his thoughts on Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury.

The interview has now been removed from Thaboxingvoice and also removed from FigyHype on youtube.

The interview made its rounds on all socials from the past few days and created a huge stir in the boxing world.

Chris Colbert gives his honest opinion on Wilder’s loss, Wilder’s new trainer Malik Scott, Wilder’s suit, and Wilder’s firing Mark Breland. He talked about Fury’s gloves and all of Wilder’s excuses.

The person who interviewed Colbert was Nestor Gibbs of BoxingVoice, one of the hardest working journalists in the sport. This was an excellent interview with Nestor Gibbs in which he tells Colbert about his thoughts on Deontay Wilder.

TODAY Gibbs reacted to the cancellation of the interview. Gibbs said, “You big and bad! How big and bad you are and crying like a baby. The f**k out hereYou’re crying big as hell.”

Nestor Gibbs implied that he was asked by Wilder himself or someone on Team Wilder to cancel the interview.

Gibbs also said, “You (Wilder) can’t change everyone’s opinion of what happened. You’re going to erase everyone?! You (Wilder) are taking everyone down?! You’re going to muzzle everyone?!”

Gibbs also said, “Wilder was emotional,” and I have to agree with Gibbs. It all looks very weak on Wilder’s part, kicking off an interview in which Colbert, quite honestly, roasts Wilder and makes fun of all the silly Wilder excuses.

Wilder must focus on training and concentrating on his upcoming fight with Tyson Fury, which is just weeks away, rather than trying to speak his truth and silence him. Wilder doesn’t want people to tell him the truth and he’s still in denial.

At the Fury Wilder 3 press conference, Wilder decided to say a few words and remained silent wearing headphones for the rest of the press conference. Wilder didn’t want to get involved with Fury or the press because he knew he’d probably have to answer some tough questions about all of his allegations.

Instead, after the presser, Wilder picked a few YouTube channels where interviewers lashed out at Wilder’s ego and asked him no hard questions about his allegations in Fury.

Some would say that it shows Wilder’s insecurities and how Wilder doesn’t want anyone to tell him the truth. Does this show that Wilder only wants ‘yes men’ around him? Is Wilder going to silence them and not want to hear any criticism?

This doesn’t look good on Team Wilder, and it spells disaster for Deontay on the ensuing fight night.

You can catch Nestor Gibbs from Thaboxingvoice on YouTube, where he discusses all the best boxing topics.

Oh, and by the way, the boxing world is still waiting for any evidence to back up all of Wilder’s claims.

If it’s true that Wilder or his team scrapped the Colbert interview, he shouldn’t focus on it; He should focus on training and Tyson Fury. This should be a big red flag for Wilder fans, and they should be very worried come fight night.

To see Colbert’s quote and full thoughts on Wilder, please check out the article here.

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