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Talk is cheap, fix the Giants now

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The pain in John Mara’s face reflected the pain in his Big Blue heart as the giants were his life, always his life, his football life, during which time he experienced the pain of “Fumble”, the euphoria of Bill Parcels celebrated and then Tom Coflin and Eli Manning, and now Rock Bottom, NJ

He was asked if this – empty seats, mockery on social media, the 22-59 record of the last five years – was his lowest moment, if it was a giant-like embarrassment, and he said: “I’m telling you the truth. I have to say yes. Yes I did. During the season we went to the bottom and then I thought it got a little worse every week.

So, once again, the fan base is as tired and sick of being sick and tired as the Mets fans who were so much in the Wilpon era.

His once proud franchise has collapsed and he can’t stand it.

And the cause of his downfall.

Another disgusting aspect is that he admits that he was never embarrassed by the condition of his Giants, that he can’t stop the angry emails coming to him again, that he doesn’t calm the beast inside the Giants fan. He doesn’t need it either.

So he was naked in the world without a CEO or head coach in the Zoom Call, the presence of his brother Chris and nephew Tim in Giants Drive in 1925 was a source of controversy for many who chose to hold them accountable. ‘ldi. The failure of the Mara road.

Jon Mara
Jon Mara

You’ll be amazed at how Mara can walk past four Lombardi Cups in a glass jar in the lobby and watch “The Way We Are” without a sign.

“This time we’ll fix it,” Mara promised.

Now there’s a promise, if that’s the case, it’s clear that their ears will fall on their ears … if there aren’t fans of the giants hoping that the law of averages will save them and them.

No one knows better than a Giants fan – perhaps a Jets fan, but a Lion fan – there is no guarantee that Mara will be right this time around.

More than ever, now that he has finally admitted and admitted that he needs to blow it up, the message is simple:

Don’t just tell us, John.

Show us, John.

After Coflin left, he often talked about losing trust among fans, which is why Giants fans know him as Wellington’s “Wolf’s Crying Boy.”

“I need to justify their confidence again,” Mara said.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will not play the role of Pete Rosell, who will deliver any facsimile of George Young to the Giants.

Jon Mara
Jon Mara

This will be Mara’s baby.

“I feel very good about the group of candidates for the CEO position we are currently planning,” he said. “I think one of them will be a great general manager.”

But how exactly can he know the invisible look? On Wednesday morning, he spoke with Bills assistant GM Joe Schoen, and then with Cardinals scouts vice president Adrian Wilson. Who did he rely on for scout reports? Mara said she did her job against the judge and we are here again.

“I’m sure we have the resources here to make the right choice,” Mara said.

Fans of the Giants can now take comfort in the fact that Mara is committed to something other than All in the Family Way, with the result that Ben McAdue, Pat Shurmur and Joe Judj and Jerry Reese, and then Dave Getlman, stayed longer. It would be nice if Mara knew from what she heard from her GM nominees and was well equipped to see the light shining outside the 1925 Giants Drive.

We are told that the new head coach and the head coach he hired – with the obligatory closing remarks of Mara and co-author Steve Tisch – will decide the fate of Daniel Jones and Sakun Barkley. His brother is not Chris. His nephew is not Tim.

“I’m always aware of the staff in the league,” Mara said. “I always keep a list of possible head coaches, possible general managers. I look at successful teams and what they do. There are a lot of people around the league who talk to me and respect their opinions. In the end, Steve and I made the list. ”

Mara is a good person, but loyalty to the mistake was his mistake on the football field. He has long believed in stability and continuity, but lately, wherever he has been, his failure in the front office and on the playground has shaken his propensity for patience. Patience is a virtue, yes … until it happens. You allow him to retire now (cough, cough) because he fired McAdue two years later, because he fired Shurmur two years later, because he fired Judge two years later. you can’t accuse him of giving up like he hurt his stomach. The fan in it can’t force himself to be patient while crying inside.

“In terms of forcing myself, I really wanted to do it this year,” Mara said, “but I didn’t see any results. I just thought we had reached a point where I could find a clear path to significant success.” I didn’t, and I thought we just had to press the reset button. “

The reset button is pressed.

Fans of the Giants are praying for the Maracle in Meadowlands.

So don’t tell us, John.

Show us, John.


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