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Spence must prove he’s got another gear against Pacquiao Boxing News 24

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By Tommy Grey: Andre Ward says Errol ‘The Truth’ Spence Jr. could be left behind if he doesn’t get another gear to face fast-paced Manny Pacquiao on Aug. 21.

A pace style in which he can beat the faster, more mobile Pacquiao (62-7-2, 39 KO) in his fight as a result of a fight against IBF/WBC Welterweight Champion Spence (27-0, 21 KO). On Fox PPV at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In Spence’s recent fights against Danny Garcia, Shawn Porter, and Mickey Garcia, he looked sluggish at times, allowing those competitions to be more competitive than they should have been.

Against Pacquiao, Spence cannot be as dull and sleepy-eyed as he would get machine-gunned by the Filipino star’s quick shots and activity.

If Spence is going to try to divert his energy from laziness or worry about gasping, he shouldn’t because he will be hopelessly left behind and not able to hold onto the scorecard.

manny depends too much on his engine

What works against Manny is that he is a man who relies on his engine,Andre Ward told FightHip in analyzing the Pacquiao vs. Errol Spence Jr. fight.

“He’s a guy to let you wind up with and let him go. And he’s getting old. He’s had a lot of fights and a lot of tough fights, especially of late. I still think he has a good amount of money in the tank.” left, but how much?

“The rest he had was good, [two-year] Break what he had, but it’s not good for rust. It is good for your health but not good for the rust factor.

“So we’re going to catch a glimpse of Old Manny, but it will not be Manny we are used to seeing,” Ward said. “It’s going to work in Spence’s favor.”

For many years, Pacquiao has relied on his engine to win the fight, but discovers that he can no longer do so at the age of 42.

We will see that Pacquiao tries hard in the early stages, but his advanced age will betray him in the second half of the competition.

Does the Errol have 2nd gear?

“Spence has to prove he has another gear because Manny is going to force him to fight,Ward said.

Andre Ward Errol Spence Jr. Manny Pacquiao

“So are we going to see Spence rising to the occasion, Or are we going to see him fall behind?

“I believe we are going to take this opportunity to see Spence rise up. Even though Manny gets all the accolades, I give Spence the edge in this fight.

“If he beats Manny Pacquiao and dominates Manny Pacquiao, he’ll be at the top of the pound-for-pound list,” Ward said.

Sitting on his shots, Spence, jabbing, and controlling the fight from range should be enough for him to win with relative ease.

He needs to fight against Pacquiao the way Spence faced Mickey Garcia in the ninth round of his fight in 2019. Spence opened on Mickey Garcia in that round and finally dodged him.

If Spence fights like this against Pacquiao every round, he will stop him. Manny would not be able to survive under that kind of constant fire from Spence without needing to be saved by the referee.

Ward: Spence needs to be better

“I think it’s more than that,” Ward said when told that the hardest thing for Pacquiao was to overcome Spence’s jab. “It’s the jab. People can misread the way Errol goes about his business in the ring.

“It looks stable. He’s physically strong, and it’s really hard to tackle the basics, especially when you’re tired.

“He’s consistent, and he’s steady. It’s like raindrops. They keep coming. He’s not really a combination puncture, but he can throw combinations.

“But he’s a Pick-Am fighter. If you see him working out with his coach, that’s what they do. That’s what he does in the ring.

“I give Errol Spence a little edge, but Errol Spence has to be better. And Manny has to work really hard to deal with that young boy,” Ward said.

Spence, 31, can probably beat Pacquiao, even if he’s not firing at 100% capacity.

If Spence is as good as he was in his last fight against Danny Garcia, whom he saw as he was at 70%, he still beats Pacquiao.

The Pacquiao we saw two years ago against Keith ‘One Time’ Thurman in 2019 won’t be enough to beat Spence fighting Danny Garcia.

Unfortunately, what you can’t deny is a controversial decision for the Spence vs. Pacquiao fight. With Pacquiao’s popularity, if the fight is appropriately competitive, we could see the Filipino star win a controversial decision against the less popular Spence.

If you’re Spence, you’d better knock down Pacquiao three to four times if you want to win a decision against him.

Spence has to make it so decisive that the Nevada judges wouldn’t dare score it for Pacquiao.

However, the best thing Spence can do is take Pacquiao out of the judges’ equation because it’s too risky to let the match go on the scorecard.

Crawford should be next for Errol

“As a competitor, I guess” [Terence] Crawford wants big fights,” Ward said.

“I really think he wants Mannies and Errol Spence, but I also know he’s had a good career and made good money.

“Crawford reminds me of himself in the sense that he’s not going to live or die from boxing. If boxing ended today, he’d be fine.

“He’s responsible about his business outside the ring, and that’s just from talking and talking about what I’ve seen and what I’ve heard.

“So he wants big fights, but I don’t think he’s crying about it. I think we’re more worried about that than him. And I want him to have a bigger name.”

“I want to see Spence, if he beat Manny Pacquiao, Crawford be able to get the fight. I think they have to fight because I think if they don’t fight it will be a big mistake.

“A big miss for both of them. Of course, these fighters are going to do what they do and build a legacy, but I think that would be a huge omission.”

“This is going to be one of those fights that never happened what was supposed to happen. One of the biggest omissions in boxing history as both are at their peak.

“Why can’t this happen? Did you see what I mean? Twenty years from now, ten years from now nobody will care.

“They’re just going to say, ‘Why didn’t this happen? It should have happened,'” Ward said of the Crawford vs. Spence fight.

There’s a very good chance we’ll see Spence fight WBO Welterweight Champion Terrence ‘Bud’ Crawford (37-0, 28 KOs) provided Errol overtakes Pacquiao on August 21.

Top Rank wants a Crawford vs. Spence fight, and they all know it has to be ahead. Crawford wants the WBO title and the WBA strap held by Yordenis Ugas before Spence rises to 154.

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