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Seven African penguins have mysteriously died in a Florida aquarium

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Seven African penguins at an Florida aquarium in Tam have died of unknown causes.

Aquarium posted the news on its Facebook post on Thursday.

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“This announces the ssing of our seven African penguins at the Florida Heart Aquarium. The cause of death is currently unknown and under investigation. Although the results of necropsy (animal autopsy) are uncertain, the Aquarium veterinary team may additional medical examinations and assessments to determine the cause, ”the agency wrote. “The rest of the aquarium’s penguins are watching and caring around the clock, and we’re careful to be optimistic.”

The aquarium insists that as long as his team works diligently to determine the cause of death – that’s never possible.

“It will never be easy to lose contact with any of the species’ ambassadors, especially with someone as symbolic as our African penguins. Florida aquariums leave nothing in our efforts to understand these tragic events.” they said. “Unfortunately, we may never know the cause of death.”


The 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization Founded in 1995, it has rescued hundreds of animals and so on Around 9,000 animals live in water and on land.

The aquarium worked with 10 African penguin colonies in 2006, According to Fox 13.

“The Florida Aquarium has been providing world-class care to the African penguin colony since 2006 and has been working to preserve this species for a long time,” the Florida Aquarium wrote. “This is a very difficult time, especially for a Florida aquarium. As long as the team does its best to investigate and take care of all the animals, we ask for your respect.”

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The death of the penguins came just two months after these reports Zoo Tam’s 12 stings are gone due to a technical problem in the tank of this object.

Recent reports kills fish and the death of hundreds of manats such as torturing the Tam Bay area algae bloom cut in waterways.

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