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Senate Democratic candidates are raising money to raise a philibuster in the main races

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Leading candidates for the Democratic Senate are taking the truck with cash in three major contests aimed at turning a red seat into a blue one in the 2022 midterm elections, in defiance of the law. balancingMany are hoping to eliminate them in order to advance their core political initiatives.

Florida Rep. Val Demings, who is running for Republican Sen. Marco Rubio in next year’s election, received $ 4.6 million in the second quarter of the fundraiser in April-June, surpassing the current GOP by about $ 600,000 in three months.


Some of the money Demings brought in focused on his opposition to the Philippines in late June, as GOP Giden is using President Biden and Congress Democrats to cut off much of their agenda.

A month ago, Republicans used a philibuster to successfully reject a large-scale election of Congressional Democrats and a bill to reform fireplace funding, which is the most important issue on their agenda.

Demings wrote his thoughts on USA Today and called for the elimination of criticism with numerous advertisements on Facebook.

The long-standing Senate tradition of requiring 60 votes in a 100-member chamber to advance a bill allows minorities to block certain legislation. Now that the Senate is splitting the 50/50 evenly, Democrats hold a majority of the seats because Vice President Kamala Harris has equalized the vote because of his constitutional role as Senate President.

But Democrats are not close to getting the 60 votes needed to break the balance. They don’t even have the simple majority needed to destroy the rule of law. Two moderate Democrats – Senator Kirsten Cinema of Arizona and Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia – are opposed by lawmakers on the left to eliminate Philipuster.


Tim Ryan, a longtime Ohio State nominee who is the leading contender for the Democratic nominee in the fight to win retiring Sen. Rob Portman from the Democratic Party in 2022, was opposed to upsetting the balance when Democrats formed a minority in the House.

But late last month, he said he was, and got acquainted with Facebook ads PISSED “and” We need to get rid of the balance of the Senate. “

Ryan raised about $ 2.3 million in three months and nearly doubled his fundraising from the first quarter of 2021.

Democratic Senate nominee Tim Ryan from Ohio will post an ad on Facebook in support of repealing the legislation.

In eastern Ohio, Pennsylvania, Lt. Gov. John Fetterman also says he wants to eradicate the filibuster.

Fetterman, the most prominent Democrat in the race to win retired Republican Senator Tumei, drew attention last month with ads on Facebook for Manchin’s opposition to ending Philipuster. The candidate has raised about $ 6.5 million while running for the Senate this year.

Fundraising to eradicate Philipist seems indifferent to some Democratic senate candidates, especially in the blue and purple states, as it helps to raise the base and bring in truck money.

But Republicans say next year’s general election could have a downside.

“Destroying Filibuster is a very good thing to gather their liberal base in the primary election and raise money. But it will be a responsibility in the general election,” Republican veteran strategist Ryan Williams told Acesparks.

“They wanted to put themselves in the corner of the rhetoric. These Democrats are now fighting for Republican seats, and to support them, they need to remain like consensus builders of solidarity,” Ryan said. “By fighting the Philippians, they throw away any form of solidarity and are like strict rhetoricians who struggle to attract the independent votes they need to win.”

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