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Roman rule won, but Edge got his last laugh at the ThunderDome Era post after the first SmackDown game

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The Roman rulers, the Edge, Mysterios, and Usos, scored their first game since the ThunderDome era. The six superstars greeted fans in the best way possible in Houston, Texas.

SmackDown began with a short segment of company chairman Vince McMahon, where the crowd was “hell,” and then came the festivities.

The meeting could have wanted everything from the first SmackDown in front of a live audience, as it did a very good job of both the heels and the babies ’faces. The cousins ​​of the Roman kingdom ran the crowd along with Usos, and his rivals fought with teeth and nails to get the upper hand.

However, The Bloodline Edge proved that Ray Mysterio and Dominic Mysterio are too much for the trio as they won their first win.

The affairs of the Roman Empire seemed to have started the ThunderDome Era on the right note. Unfortunately for him, you can never deny the Rated R star, who recovered after the first attack to lay the head of the table.

Forcing him to submit to Roman rule could be the result of his game at the Bank against Edge on Sunday. This is what live viewers want to happen.

Roman rulers and Usos surround Bloodline with championship gold in Money at the Bank

The money in the bank could be a big night for Bloodline, as the Roman rulers and his cousins ​​Usos have a great opportunity to bring all the gold in SmackDown under one roof.

The table leader will continue his dominance in the men’s division this Sunday and retain his WWE universal title against Edge.

Meanwhile, Usos is aiming to become a SmackDown Tag Team champion for the fifth time in his career as he prepares to host reigning champions Ray and Dominic Mysterio.

Will Sunday be a historic night for Roman rule and its cousins? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.


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