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Randy Weinarten dies “millions” as DeSantis sells goods against Fauci

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Prominent teachers ’union president Randy Weinarten has been hyperbolized by a reprimand of Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis over reports that he was selling spruce cattle against Fauci during previous clashes in his state in coronavirus cases.

The Washington Post reported on Tuesday that DeSantis was selling My Fauci My Florida as one of the highest coronavirus cases in the country.

It detailed Team DeSantis ’White House Chief Medical Adviser, Dr. Anthony Faucini, mockingly selling t-shirts and asparagus dedicated to alcohol. the highest per capita coronavirus hospitals in the country, new infections and deaths. “

The Liberals, who emerged after the DESANTIS website, are selling beer lambs who said, “DON’T FAUCI MY FLORIDA.”

“After the spread of vaccines, the number of new coronavirus infections in Florida has dropped dramatically, but they have increased in recent weeks. nearly four times the national average on a daily basis – 26 new infections per 100,000 population, the second highest in the country. The latest Kovid-19 death rate in the state is nearly twice the national average and ranks fourth in current hospitalizations, ”the report said in the ninth paragraph of the report.

However, Weinarten took the incident to a new level and reacted to it.

“Disgusting. Millions of Florida people are dying for Ron DeSantis’ ignorance and he chooses to take advantage of it. He doesn’t care about Florida people; he’s worried about developing his own ruthless agenda,” Weinarten wrote.

The head of the American Federation of Teachers has caught the attention of many critics on Twitter for claiming that “millions” of Floridians will die during the DeSantis era, as usual.

“Hyperbolami?” Weekly commentator Damon Linker asked.

“In education, we emphasize supporting the claims with evidence. Please explain how you made the ‘millions’ or why it was caused by their ignorance,” Red State senior editor Joe Cunningham told Weinarten.

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“Millions! I hope Randy teaches neither math nor science,” wrote Guy Benson, political editor of Townhall.com.

“All of his tweets make perfect sense once he realizes that what he said was an example of Freud’s projection,” wrote Noah Pollack, a Washington Free Beacon participant.

“Florida has a population of 21 million, so more than 10 percent will die because of the policies it pursued a few months ago? Are you … sure you’re educated?” This was stated by Emily Zanotti, a spokeswoman for the Daily Wire.

Christina Pushav, a spokeswoman for DeSantis, opened fire on Windarten during the governor’s illness.

“The COVID mortality rate in Florida is lower than the national average, and unlike the governor of New York, we do not condemn these figures,” Pushav wrote. “Meanwhile, Randy Weinarten has disrupted the education of millions of children by expelling them from school for more than a year based on conspiracy theories.”

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