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Randy Weinarten claims “millions” of deaths in Florida after claiming DeSantis

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Randi Vaynarten, President of the largest teachers’ union in the United States, on Thursday backtracked his claim that “millions” of people had died. Florida Hukumat Ron DeSantis“leadership.

“Millions of Floridians will die for Don DeSants’ ignorance,” Weinarten tweeted on Wednesday in response to an article in The Washington Post that pointed to the antidote. Anthony Fauci goods on the official website of the governor of the republic.

The Liberals, who emerged after the DESANTIS website, are selling beer lambs who said, “DON’T FAUCI MY FLORIDA.”

The president of the American Federation of Teachers withdrew his claim Thursday after receiving some criticism for his hyperbole.

“All is well, perhaps … You shouldn’t have said millions,” Weinarten wrote. “I just had to say that DeSantis was wrong to do that. Fausi is a great civil servant. Let him not make fun of me. But I shouldn’t have gotten into such hyperbole either. My worst …”

Christina Pushav, a spokeswoman for DeSantis, said she had fired a shot at Windarten’s claim, noting it during the governor’s illness.

“The KOVID death rate in Florida is lower than the national average, and unlike the New York governor, we don’t raise those numbers,” Pushav writes. tweet. “Meanwhile, Randy Weinarten has disrupted the education of millions of children by expelling them from school for more than a year based on conspiracy theories.”

Florida was one of the first to fully open schools and businesses in the face of COVID-19 disease.

In Florida, 2.3 million people were infected with the coronavirus and more than 38,000 deaths were reported.

On Monday, the state announced another 12,624 additions coronavirus The case ranks second in the country in terms of daily growth, with 35 deaths. On Sunday, Florida set a new national record for the highest daily increase in coronavirus cases in the U.S. – 15,300.

Acesparks reporters Joseph A. Wolfson and Stephen Soras contributed to the news.

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