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Protests at a Los Angeles resort escalate into transgender violence

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Intense protests erupted in California on Saturday before a transgender woman exposed herself to women, children and adolescents and adults.

The incident took place in downtown Los Angeles, outside Wi S on Wilshere Boulevard.

The groups appeared to support the woman who complained about the incident – but from the videos Acesparks Los Angeles and others spread on social media that representatives of both sides of the transgender rights movement clashed at the scene.


In the images, people were wearing masks and vest jackets, some of them carrying guns, while others carried signs or flags.

In another video, a crowd dressed in dark clothes and masks, some wearing vests with the word “PRESS” on them, are seen mocking and chasing a man on the street. He can be seen wearing a T-shirt that says, “Obey Jesus.” He was punched in the back at least once, and subsequent photos showed blood flowing to his face and chest.

The camera shows ns around and in the dark dressed group having physical contact with at least two men on the sidewalk.

The trash was dragged in the middle of the street, its contents burning. When officers wearing helmets and carrying sticks arrived, they could be seen flying behind the smoke as they tried to restore order.

Some of the fights on the street took place in the middle of the vehicles, when drivers were blowing horns and trying to avoid chaos.

LAPD-certified personnel were at the scene and soon took control of the situation.

Dueling protests followed allegations that a transgender client showed his clients and his sexual organs to teenagers.  (FOX Los Angeles)

Additional videos show squads and police lined up along the street, as well as helmeted officers declaring the protest an illegal gathering and that opposing groups fighting in the street with guns and bottles. then reflected in his attempt to restore order. One woman claimed to have been stabbed.

Opponents tried to disrupt some of the fighting, videos were shown, but the violence was repeated.

LAPD spokesman Mike Lopez, a spokesman for the dertment, told Acesparks on Saturday that no arrests had been made, but at least five crimes had been reported against the five-serat victim.

“Three of them were victims of the attack and the battery, and the other two were attacked with deadly weapons,” he said.

Police were searching for many suspects.

The duel protests came in response to complaints about a client’s transgender policy after a client accused a transgender woman of exposing her genitals “in front of young girls, teenagers and adult women”. insulting video A complaint he wrote to Instagram as a worker.

It’s hard to determine how an employee will react to a Plexiglas shield and a coronavirus face mask, but transgender customers are protected by California law.

You may hear another customer asking for a refund and telling another employee that he or she will not return to the store.

Other customers tried to intervene in the argument, and a man standing next to them approached the woman who was taking the video.

“Are you talking about transgender?” he asks.

“There is no such thing as transgender,” he replies. “It has d —.”

“You’ll be d —,” the man replies.

Wi S said in a statement that California’s anti-discrimination law protects transgender people, but does not tolerate “abusive behavior” by customers at all.

“As in Los Angeles, Wi S is subject to California laws prohibiting discrimination in the enterprise, including the provisions of the above-mentioned Civil Code,” the report said. “Like many other metropolises, Los Angeles is home to transgender people, some of whom enjoy visiting any home. Wi S strives to meet the needs and safety of all its customers and is not subject to harassment or abuse by any customer -does not tolerate their actions. their gender, gender or other characteristics. “

Allegations of ill-treatment have led to condemnation of the LGBTQ community.

It was a hot spot for celebrities ranging from John Travolta and Johnny Depp to Demi Lovato, who paid $ 25 to get inside.

The host at night Conan O’Brien and actor Stephen Yeon once photographed a skit in one of the baths.

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