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Pregnant heptathlete competes in Olympic trials in 100-degree heat

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This super mom-to-be is having her Olympic trials—and her baby too.

Heptathlete Lindsay Flach was so ready to compete at the U.S. Olympic Track and Field Trials, she refused to acknowledge the fact that she was 18 weeks pregnant.

Her commitment and confidence paid off: Despite coming last among 15 women who completed the seven-event race – in nearly 100-degree heat – her performance is now lauded as one of the most inspiring of the weekend. Used to be.

“I am blessed that I can be a positive light and an inspiration to so many people,” Flach, 31, captioned Friday Instagram post Standing on the track, the baby bump is clearly visible. “Women you are amazing! Mamma you are #badass #strong #capable #cute.”

Flach was inspired to compete in her third and potentially last Olympic Trials by a desire to “close her track career before moving on with life,” the caption continued. The pandemic put the kibosh on her plans to compete in the 2020 season, so she and her husband started trying for a baby. In the meantime she continued training and in March found out that she was pregnant.

“It was bitter,” she told yahoo sports. “I was really excited because I’ve always wanted kids, but it was also a shock to learn that just like that, my track career was over.”

However, her doctor gave her the green light to continue training, as long as she listened to her body carefully and avoided a loud fall. “My big concern,” he told Yahoo! The game, “was making sure I was healthy and the baby was healthy.”

She did not intend to make headlines for refusing to give up on her Olympic dream.

“To be honest, I was going to tryouts and I was trying to keep it low, because I just wanted to finish my career on my own terms,” ​​Flach said. parents today.

While she received some negative reactions from people who told her, “Women shouldn’t do this when pregnant. You’re being selfish. You’re taking someone else’s place,” her friends and family were unanimously positive, and She knew she was extremely cautious, so she went ahead, and made it happen.

“It was tough mentally because I knew I wasn’t going to be able to compete at the level I was capable of 18 weeks ago, but I just wanted to prove what women are capable of,” Flach said. . “It was wonderful to end one chapter on my own terms and start another.”


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