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Pirro rejects Cuban refugees from DHS’s Majorcas: he knows “they will vote for Republicans.”

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The co-chair of the Five, Judge Janine Pirro, strongly criticized National Security Minister Alejandro Majorcas’s declaration that the U.S. government would not accept Cuban refugees who could escape the Communist regime’s crackdown on pro-democracy protesters.

Majorcas warned Cubans on Tuesday, as well as Haiti, whose government has been destabilized by the assassination of President Jovenel Moise by the Port-au-Prince government.

“The time to try to move by sea is never the right time,” Mallorca told a news conference. “To those who risked their lives, it’s not worth taking that risk … Let me go. If you go to sea, you won’t come to the United States,” he added.

Majorcas said the refugees will be returned or they will turn to a third country when they fear a persecution. The island is located just 90 miles from the “Southwest Point of the United States” sign at the end of Whitehead Street in Key West.


Meanwhile, the illegal immigration and refugee crisis on the U.S.’s land border with Mexico is intensifying, Pirro told the Five.

“Majorcas himself is Cuban,” said Pirro. “For [Mayorkas] to say that if you go to sea, you will not come to the United States…. so we want to open the southern border … but when you are a victim of a totalitarian government or a communist regime that is shooting people and arresting journalists … we make sure you don’t reach America because you are really a real argument for political asylum. “

Majorcas said in a statement on Tuesday that the DHS was “in solidarity.” [with] The Cuban people and their call for freedom from repression [and] The economic suffering caused by Cuba’s authoritarian regime. “

Pirro said he had lost faith in the issue of refugees and illegal immigration, given that Mallorca’s behavior was “outrageous” and that, despite reports, the Mexican border had been closed.

“And that’s the anger of the Cuban people, they know if they’re coming from Cuba, they’re probably voting for Republicans, so they should be preventing them from coming in,” said a former Westchester County attorney in New York State.

Several prominent U.S. lawmakers Cuban origin – including Sens Ted Ted Cruz, R-Texas, Marco Rubio, R-Fla. And representatives include Nicole Malliotakis, RN.Y., Alex H. Mooney, RW.V. and Carlos Gimenez, R-Fla., – Republicans. However, there are prominent Democrats in this category, including Senator Robert Menendez of Mallorca and New Jersey.

According to the Miami Herald, Cuban Americans have been strong for President Donald Trump in 2020, especially in South Florida.

Jesse Watters said Majorcas’s lease was delayed by Cuba, shortly after the late dictator Fidel Castro came to power, in 1959 by President Fulgencio Batista.

“The White House, basically, if you want to vote for Democrats, you can go here illegally, but if you want to vote for Republicans, don’t come because we know Cuban Americans vote a lot for Republicans, especially in a swing state of Florida,” he said. said Watters.

The head of Watters’ World, Majorcas, and President Biden noted that they have been providing ongoing legal assistance to people coming to Texas through the Rio Grande in the form of legal advice or bus or plane tickets, but there is conflicting news for them in advance. Escape from Cuba.

In addition, host Dana Perino noted that if Cubans are fleeing to the U.S. due to climate change, they may be more likely to be welcomed than they are now under communist oppression.

Security forces in Cuba, led by powerful President Miguel Diaz-Canel – Castro’s brother Raul’s successor – appear to have arrested the activist during a news interview on Tuesday, with other reports of missing protesters missing.

“This is a different situation from what is happening on our border, these people are fleeing totalitarianism, risking their lives, crossing the ocean, drug cartels are not involved, there are just no people who come here for work and then leave, no, ”added Greg Gutfeld, co-author of The Five.

“These are people trying to escape – and I would be interested in investigating the reasons for their origins,” he added, noting Vice President Kamala Harris ’fuss on similar issues.

“Maybe they can send Kamala to Cuba.”

Acesparks spokesman Adam Shaw contributed to the report.

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