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Peyton Royce talks about his disappointment with the WWE character change from NXT

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IIconics is no longer a part of WWE as both were part of the company’s annual April 15 release. That tax day cut left Peyton Royce and Billy Kay as free agents to worry about their own green card issues. There were still some disappointments in WWE that they might not miss.

It looks like the team’s new name will be The EyeInspiration, but they haven’t debuted it yet. Cassie Lee and Jessica McKay are still in the US but are looking for a company to confirm their green card status. As of this writing, they cannot make money in the US without passing the proper red tape.

oral session Most recently the former IIconics was there as a guest. Cassie Lee talks about her Peyton Royce character in WWE and how it changed when she made her way to the main roster. Things were not the same for her, and she missed what was considered a legitimate threat.

“So like, we were still bitches in NXT but you know, I think we were probably stronger. We were booked into NXT like real threats, but when we made the main roster changes, Vince thought That we were so funny on the microphone that first week. So, it became more about us being funny and less about danger. For me, it was a little bit about me feeling like we weren’t a threat. We were over the top personalities. These are funny – which I still loved.”

“I missed being considered as someone who could win matches or win championships. I’ve felt so much better last year than when we came back after the pandemic ‘Cause I think it was really a net of both of those things. We were still on the microphone ourselves, but when we got into the ring it was time for business.”

It seems that the comedic timing that attracted so many fans to The IIconics was also something that Vince McMahon roped in him in a comedy character spot. She had a run with the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles, but was hardly fighting a champion.

We’ll have to see what happens next for Lee and McKay. They are likely to reach elsewhere as soon as their non-competitive segment ends at the end of this month. Meanwhile, he still has a lot of stories left to tell about his time in WWE.

What is your opinion on the booking of The IIconics by WWE? Sound off in the comments!

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