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Paige drops stunning bikini photo borrowing Britney Spears line

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Paige is no stranger to attention and she knows how to drum up those twitchy streams. First Time NXT Women’s Champion was recently banned from Twitch for streaming movies, But it seems that now she is back on stage.

The former Total Divas star had a great way of letting fans know that she was streaming. She even borrowed a line from Britney Spears to do so. Posting a picture of herself in a revealing bikini, Peggy tweeted a short caption, which left a lot of fans amused.

I’m Paige, bitch.

Of course, this is a play on ‘It’s Britney, Bitch’, the first line spoken in the song “Gimme More.” You can watch the video below with Paige’s new super revealing bikini photo. Some people incorrectly quote Spears’ line in that song to say “I’m Britney, bitch”, but the line in the actual song is slightly different.

Page has yet to return to WWE television and has no plans to fix it. We will have to see if this ever changes in the coming weeks and months. She’s still on contract and working her way up on Twitch in the meantime.

What is your opinion of Page and how can WWE use it? Sound off in the comments!

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