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Nikki ASH reveals a potential strategy if the women win the “Money in the Bank” deal [Exclusive]

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WWE RAW Superstar Nikki ASH is scheduled to be part of the “Women’s Money in the Bank” games this weekend. Other superstars announced for the meeting include Asuka, Alexa Bliss, Naomi, Tamina, Natalya, Zelina Vega and Liv Morgan.

Sportskeeda spokesman Rick Uccino had the opportunity to speak with Nikki ASH ahead of Sunday’s paid viewing. ASH, who is close to winning Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder competition in 2019, asked what you learned from this experience.

“I remember putting my hand in the briefcase, for example … I remember walking up the stairs and actually putting my hand in the briefcase, so I had to do the next step to declare the winner on Sunday and I have to unpack the briefcase. Declare Miss Money in the Bank under the contract. I also remember being the first in the meeting to use the ladder as an offensive weapon and put my head between the ladder and the circle of the helicopter. Did anything happen, with the ladder? is it an offensive move, I mean, it was very successful, but I didn’t get the contract, maybe it failed due to your point of view. So this time I want to believe more in my flying skills, you know, I’m a Black Widow deep o I’ve learned, so Black Widow can inspire me on how to climb this ladder, ”said Nikki ASH.

Nikki ASH on winning money in the bank

During the interview, Nikki asked ASH about her potential strategy of winning the “Women’s Money in the Bank” condition and when she could give cash.

Nikki said that after MITB’s potential victory, she would follow her heart and mind because RAW Superstar believed in instincts to convince her:

“A money deal at the bank is a great opportunity, and you can take advantage of the opportunity or waste your time when it comes.”

“I think I’m going with my heart, so if I win the contract, I’ll just follow my heart, follow my brain and take me to the RAW Women’s Championship.”

Can Nikki ASH leave this Sunday’s payments with her “For Women” bank contract? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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