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Nia Jax clarified the confusion in her Twitter post after fans expressed concern

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Nia Jax has had some difficult days in her WWE career lately. The former champion of the women’s team, along with her partner Shayna Baszler, lost to Natalya and Tamina and even got into an argument with Alexa Bliss.

Since then, Jax hasn’t been involved in any major events and hasn’t been seen on Monday night’s RAW since attending the July 5 red brand’s eight women’s meeting.

All of this comes at a time when many WWE talents are finding uncertainty in their careers, so the company has released nearly 30 stars in 2021.

With that in mind, Nia Jax thanked the fans and sent a slightly mysterious tweet that caused concern between the fans and the WWE Universe. This has led fans to question whether the Irresistible Force has been released.

Jax quickly clarified and put an end to such worries, responding on Twitter, saying he was grateful for everything and for everyone and would not take anything in life for granted.

The reaction of fans to Nia Jax’s tweet is understandable. With so many stars firing themselves recently, it wasn’t surprising to hear a number of other stars are leaving the company.

Luckily for these women, this is not a post of thanks and farewell to the former RAW champion.

Nia Jax kicked their heads in last year’s Survivor series with Roman rule

The recently released former WWE Superstar has revealed that Nia Jax kicked her head with her cousin Roman Reigns in the Survivor Series last year.

CJ Perry, formerly known as Lana, discovered that two Samoans were arguing around a table where he and Jax were supposed to be present.

It was at this point that Lana was constantly sitting at the table by the Jacks, and the Roman rulers wanted to remove the spot for the Survivor Series because she had to take a similar position in the game against Drew McIntyre.

“We had to do all the places on the show. Then Roman didn’t want to because he (Drew McIntyre) was at the table with me. So it was a huge comeback. Samoans, Nia and Romans, you know?, Everything.” Lana

What do you think about the relationship between Roman rule and Nia Jacks? Are you interested in Jax’s mysterious tweet? Let us know in the comments section below.


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