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NFL playoff predictions from Wild Card Round through Super Bowl 2022

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Fourteen teams. One dream.

Another chance for Tom Brady to repeat for the second time and lift the eighth Lombardi Cup.

One of all the games that will ruin the internet at the 2022 Super Cup: Brady and Bill Belichik.

One goat against another.

What the Serbian crystal ball sees:


Las Vegas Raiders (5) and Cincinnati Bengals (4)

Rich Bisaccia forces feed Josh Jacobs as early and as often as possible, as his best chance is to imitate Jim Kelly Bills in the Giants ’Super Bowl XXV plan, saving Joe Burrow and his three amigos (Ja’Marr Chase, Ti Higgins). , Tyler Boyd) off the field.

There are no playoff jitters for Burrow or Derek Carr in his first playoff game. Defensive fight BJ Hill dedicates the game to the man who created it, Dave Getlman, assists Trey Hendrickson and Sam Hubbard, and eventually makes Carr one-dimensional. Touching Hunter Renfrow, touching Darren Walker, nothing else.

Raiders defensive coordinator Gus Bradley won’t let Joe Mixon, who killed him in November, get into a rut in the woods, and Max Crosby has become Burrow’s worst horror again at the end of the defense. But Burrow hits Chase and Higgins with TD bombs, and Eli Apple dedicates the game to Jerry Reese – the man who created it – sealing his contract with Pick 6 in the fourth quarter.

Prediction: Bengals 27, Raiders 20. Burrow smokes a cigarette after the game and starts the “Get the Gat” dance after the franchisee’s first playoff win in 31 years.

Josh Allen
Expect Josh Allen and Bills to win the Wild Card round.

New England Patriots (6) Buffalo Billsda (3)

Sean McDermott made it clear to Buffalo that Bill didn’t come to kiss Belichik’s rings. The temperature of this cold-blooded rage rubber game will be close to zero at the start.

It’s early Tyler Bass and Nick Folk. Bills defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier loads Damien Harris and makes Mac Jones one-dimensional. Pats attack coordinator Josh McDaniels tries a Kendrick Bourne-to-Nelson-Agholor ploy, which resulted in a 25-yard strike in the 7th week against the Jets, but Mika Hyde wasn’t fooled and caught the pass in the final zone.

But before Johnny Smith’s 35-yard flea TD Pats to Josh Allen (6 touches, 7 goals in cold weather games), he was already running for 80 yards, behind an attacking linebacker who upset Matt Judon, and hit Dawson Knox. on the sewing route and then stepping to the 14-yard TD in the last minute against Stephen Diggs JC Jackson and ding dong, the Wicked Witch of the AFC East is dead again.

Prophecy: Bills 26, Patriots 23. No Brady Super Bowl against Belichick.

Philadelphia Eagles (7) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2)

In order to distract Tom Brady, Antonio Brown secretly goes through the security service and starts running with his bare chest on the edge of the guest before watching him. Jalen Hurts ’RPOs, Miles Sanders and Boston Scott’s wide runs will help keep Brady on the sidelines for a long time, but that’s not enough. Darius Slay limits Mike Evans, but before Brady hits Rob Gronkowski twice and Tyler Johnson hits him a third time, DeVonta Smith reads a TD prayer from Hurts for a late back cover.

Prediction: Bucs 28, Eagles 20. There is no Philly Special that will surprise Brady this time.

San Francisco 49ers (6) Dallas Cowboys (3)

Cameras see Robert Salih holding a sign in the stands that reads, “All gas, no interruptions.” Cowboys defense coordinator Dan Quinn knows that his former Atlanta attack coordinator Kyle Shanahan will try to play Bully Ball, and Deebo Samuel should be good for receiving 130 yards and rushing, and possibly a TD. And George Little is always a problem. And all the pressure is on the host team. With Tyrone Smith’s left-footed shot, Fred Warner helped hold Ezekiel Elliot. But Duck Prescott throws the ball to the defenseless second player before SiDi Lamb, Amari Cooper, Cedric Wilson and Dalton Schultz reach Nick Bosa. And Mika Parsons and Demarkus Lawrence make life miserable enough for Jimmy Garoppolo to put two hurdles on Trevon Diggs.

Prediction: Cowboys 26, 49ers 24. Star Wars, 60 minutes.

Patrick Mahomes
Patrick Mahomes and Chifs face the Steelers in the Wild Card round.

Pittsburgh Steelers (7) Kansas City Chiefs (2)

Ben Rothlisberger was the first to tell everyone there was no chance on his team. Terrible Towelers first reminds everyone that Rocky didn’t give him a chance against the Apollo Creed. The young Big Ben might have enjoyed the shootout against Patrick Mahomes, but the current iteration requires a wild game from running and catching Naji Harris, as well as keeping TJ Watt and Cameron Hayward Mahomes from throwing the ball to Tyrick Hill and Travis Kels. . Big Ben is a proud old gladiator, but he is not well equipped to chase. Minkah caught Fitzpatrick Mahomes to pass Ben to 10-yard TD Diontae Johnson, and this time it’s not a shot because Hill (ankle) isn’t his dynamic, explosive himself.

Prediction: Chiefs 28, Steelers 17. Manning Cast will soon appear in the movie Big Ben.

Arizona Cardinals (5) Los Angeles Ramsda (4)

JJ Watt (on his shoulder) returns inspiring as Chandler Jones’s criminal partner and forces struggling Matthew Stafford to throw a No. 6 to Buddha Baker. James Conner (rib) makes it hard, but it’s the magic Kayler Murray that keeps Aaron Donald from breaking the game. Before Odell Beckham grabbed the little helmet and Cooper Kupp scored one goal with the 18th button of the night, he hit Zach Ertz for an early lead.

Forecast: Rams 24, Cardinals 23. DeAndre Hopkins would have noticed.



Cincinnati Bengals (4) and Tennessee Titans (1)

Meet Logan Wilson, Derrick Henry. Meet Joe Mixon, Jeffrey Simmons. Ryan Tannexill plays a clean play, connects with AJ Brown when he misses King Henry 30 times and keeps Burrow & Co. off the field.

Prediction: Titans 30, Bengals 24. Mike Wrabel is a tough coach, a tough team.

Buffalo Bills (3) Kansas City Chiefs (2)

Hill and Kelce combined for 22 catches, 190 yards and 2 TDs at the 2020 Asian Championships. Mahomes tried to pass the ball 38 times and was fired once. Leslie Fraser’s defense will be remembered. Unknown hero Levi Wallace makes a big hurdle, Devin Singletary sniffs the game on the ground and Allen finds Gabriel Davis with a bomb and stands up with Mahomes and never flinches.

Prophecy: Bills 31, Chiefs 27. Cole Bisley is very excited and promises to be vaccinated.


Los Angeles Rams (4) Green Bay Packers (1)

Aaron Rodgers ’return to Lambeau Field surprised Stafford, embarrassing his wife, Rogers’ girlfriend Shaylin Woodley. Davante Adams beat Jalen Ramsey for TD, but Kupp responds by beating Jaire Alexander. OBJ grabbed a hand that had fallen back in the snow with one hand, but Rasul Douglas caught Stafford late and Rodgers hit Aaron Jones with a TD pass on the perfect wheel route. Wherever Hub Arkush came from, a video showing his regret went viral on the internet.

Prediction: Packers 31, Rams 24. Rodgers has vowed not to boycott the NFC Championship game.

Dallas Cowboys (3) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2)

Bones Fassel orders a successful kick to start the game, and every time Brady enters the red zone, shirtless Antonio Brown shakes his hands in the stands behind the last zone to distract him. The Bucs ’offensive line includes Parsons, Lawrence and Randy Gregory, Vita makes Vea Prescott one-dimensional, and Brady launches a TD bomb at Cyril Grayson at the last minute – who else? – To send Jerry Jones home again.

Prediction: Bucs 33, Cowboys 27. Brady smells the Super Bowl.


Buffalo Bills (3) Tennessee Titans (1)

Revenge of the Miracle of the City of Music, who stole promissory notes at the 1999 AFC Joker Game. Attack coordinator Brian Daboll assists the head coach reserve by calling for a TD pass that matches Dion Dawkins, and when Allen finds Emmanuel Sanders in the final zone, King Henry’s influence is relieved and Tannexill can’t play the chase.

Prediction: Bills 27, Titans 23. The better defender wins.

Aaron Rogers
2021 was another strong campaign for Aaron Rogers, but that may not be enough to get rid of the Bucs.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Green Bay Packers

Revenge. Rogers believed Bruce Arians ’comment so strongly that if Brady wasn’t an MVP, it would be nonsense for him to throw a No. 6 to junior Antoine Winfield and then accuse it of“ waking up the media ”and“ destroying culture ”. She hugs Erin Andrew anyway. Naked-breasted Antonio Brown spends the first half cold-blooded off to see Brady before leaving Lambeau.

Forecast: Bucs 27, Packers 24. Brady tells Andrew that he will play until he is 70 years old.

Tom Brady
The last time quarterback was Tom Brady was 16 years ago, winning the Super Cups in a row.


Buffalo Bills and Tampa Bay Buccaneers

SoFi Stadium is full of Bills Mafia. Some carry a sign that says, “It was TOM for us.” A naked man wearing a Scott Norwood mask was arrested by security officers. Jason is putting pressure on Per-Paul Allen and Jordan Whitehead caught him in the first quarter, then Devin White hit him in the head and sent him to the medical tent. Brady hits Gronk with a pair of touch passes

Prediction: Bucs 30, Bills 21. Sixteen years later, after he became a Super Bowl quarter-final defender, Brady did it again.


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