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Model S Plaid, he lit a fire that belonged to a Tesla supporter

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The new Tesla Model S Plaid, which ignited in Pennsylvania on Tuesday, belongs to a senior executive of one of Tesla’s largest investors, with a stake of more than $ 1 billion, according to The Post.

Bart Smith – head of digital assets at trading firm Susquehanna International, dubbed the “King of Crypto” by Acesparks – was driving his new $ 124,000 car outside of Philadelphia when he was first consumed in a horrible obscure inferno. respondents for an hour and a half to close.

The driver’s attorneys declined to name the Tesla owner, but The Post independently confirmed that Smith was behind the wheel.

Susquehanna owned about $ 1.1 billion worth of Tesla shares as of March 31 disclosure To the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Delivery of the Model S Plaid, which Tesla CEO Elon Musk called “the fastest car ever made,” began three weeks ago. Tesla did not respond to a request for comment.

Smith – who got it Bright New York Times inscription in 2018 For Susquehanna’s initial investment in Bitcoin – he declined to comment.

But Crypto King seems to be upset that Tesla, which belongs to Musk, is working with a fiery inferno that is his car.

Photo of the car on fire
The owner of the Tesla that caught fire near Philadelphia belonged to a large Tesla investor.

On Thursday, one of Smith’s lawyers sent an angry message about the incident Twitter without saying the name of the customer. “Our client fell into a trap and could have died,” Ben Meiselas wrote. “We tried to contact Tesla and so far we haven’t been noticed.”

Another Smith lawyer, Jason Setchen, who declined to name his client, said the owner of the burned-out vehicle was a longtime fan of the brand that previously owned Teslas and knew how to drive them.

He said the burning car was brought in on Saturday and burned down just three days later.

According to attorneys, news reports and witnesses interviewed by The Post began Tuesday night as the car was being driven to a Haverford residence near Philadelphia.

The driver noticed smoke coming from the back of the Tesla and was forced to exit because the locks were malfunctioning, according to lawyers for the law firm Geragos & Geragos.

“It was a huge amount of heat, then a very large amount of smoke. Very pungent odor. The fire lasted for some time, “said witness Tom Tom Wilkinson, who lives on the street from the scene of the fire.” There were a number of small explosions with sparks. ”

Photo of an obsolete car provided by the law firm Geragos & Geragos
The Model S Plaid, which caught fire near Philly, belonged to the chief executive of a major Tesla investor, sources said.
Geragos and Geragos

The fire was so large that 65-year-old Wilkinson and other neighbors were worried that it might spread to the woods or even to nearby homes.

Wilkerson never saw the driver jump out of the car, but he did see the car walking about 150 feet down the street as it stopped and was completely engulfed in a 30-foot-high fire.

Since he didn’t see the driver escape, Wilkinson was worried that anyone inside the Tesla could burn alive. And the amount of heat emitted from the vehicle did not allow it to come close enough to examine potential victims.

Tesla Model C electric car unveiled at the China International Exhibition Center during the 2020 Beijing International Motor Show
The recently burned new Tesla model belonged to the head of one of the largest investors in electric car manufacturers.
VCG via Getty Images

“It generated a lot of heat,” Wilkinson told The Post, which provided exclusive videos of the fire. “No one knew if he was still in the car until they put out the fire.”

According to A, firefighters from two different towns were called in to put out the fire statement posted and then removed from the Gladwyne Fire Company website.

Several teams of firefighters took about 90 minutes to put it out, and emergency crews were at the scene for a total of three hours.

Images of Tesla’s burnt remains show that the vehicle had a Vanderbilt University plate. Smith graduated from Vanderbilt in 1999, according to his LinkedIn profile.


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