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McConnell denounces Biden’s outrage over GOP voting reform as “utter nonsense”

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Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell on Wednesday condemned President Biden’s fiery speech as “nonsense” because GOP voting reform laws were in line with the civil war.

“This is our new president who has promised to lower our temperatures, unite America, and rebuild a civil society where we can communicate as citizens,” McConnell said from the Senate building.

“We won two World Wars, came face to face with the Soviets, started brutal divisions, defeated Jim Crow’s real laws, and withstood the 9/11 attacks,” he said. “But has the sky collapsed now?”


McConnell’s outrage stemmed from the president’s address on Tuesday, in which he called on Republicans in Congress to help stop attempts by GOP-led states to “disrupt” the electoral process.

“We are facing the most important test of our democracy since the civil war,” Biden said in response to the GOP’s call for voter reform.

In the traditional red states after the 2020 general election, there was a national trend for some to believe in the rules of sluggish voting.

Some Republicans, during the horrific left-wing, have accused the mail of exclusion of voting – exacerbated by Donald Trump’s accusations of rigged elections.

When Biden told the audience, “The big lie is just a big lie,” he used a line that was approved by Trump.

“Democracy has been tested in 2020,” the president continued. “Because of the extraordinary courage of the elected officials, most of them are Republicans … democracy.”

But McConnell drew attention to the president’s statement and stressed that the political debate over voter rules could not be compared to the historical tests the United States has experienced.


“These false commissars are an insult to the real obstacles that Americans have overcome,” McConnell said Wednesday.

The minority leader also criticized the 60 lawmakers who fled Texas and obstructed the Republican vote on the bill.

Texas Democrats claimed the law was oppressive, and GOP lawmakers stoned the lawsuit.

“Indeed, they came here to take a selfie in Washington, were in the spotlight, and asked Senate Democrats to take over the Texas election,” McConnell said. “More than 80 percent of Texans support voter registration”

“But the Democrats pulled out that Chicken Little game book that failed in Georgia. It’s the same big lie,” he said.

“In Georgia, big lies and false anger have failed. Big lies and false anger have failed here in the Senate last month. They have failed in Texas,” he added.

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