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Lt. Gov. Patrick blew up the Texas Democrats’ “club of liars” and said he would be arrested when they returned.

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Fugitive Texas Democrats could now be arrested upon their return, and a bill to get Acesparks’s Bill Hammer and Martha McCallum to vote in the American Newsroom by Lieutenant-Governor Dan Trick will be passed despite their efforts. the trick is that there is more to this special session, and it encourages Americans to read the laws themselves.


AND TRICK: This will be resolved. They can’t hold on forever. They have families in their homes. There are jobs at home. And soon their wives or husbands will start saying, “Hey, it’s time to go home.” And if they come home, if we are in a special session, they will be arrested and brought to the capital, and we will consider these bills.

You’ve just heard in the report, the Senate – and I’m the President of the Senate, and I’m one of the people who helped write this election bill. I know this looking back and forth. We just keep doing our job. For example, when they disappeared, we considered a bill to conduct a 13th inspection of retired teachers. Here they die because they are not. Spend more money on child protection services. Here they die because they are not. Yesterday we reduced the property tax by a quarter. Here they die because they are not. So there’s a lot more to this bill than that.

But they said there was power in some things and they called them brave. I call them a club of liars. They’re a club of liars because they’re lying to the American public, from the vice president to the lowest-ranking member of the house on this trip, probably a newcomer, no matter who they are. And the power is real. So I encourage all Americans to do one simple thing. Just go to the Texas legislature, read the bill yourself.

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