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Leilani Simon has been arrested and charged with murder of her missing toddler

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Leilani’s ex spoke out

In an exclusive interview with The US Sun, one of Leilani Simon’s three baby daddies said that the 22-year-old struggled with her mental health while dating, outlined in the court documents.

Cody Wharton, whose son Zayne was one of the children removed from Leilani’s home, claimed she was depressed and tried to overdose last spring while watching their son.

“She’s always been unpredictable,” Wharton said. “But I wasn’t worried about Zayne’s safety until all this started going on. She was a good mother. I don’t know what happened.”

During the interview, Wharton struggled to find the words to describe how he felt as he replayed every perceived oddity in a stream of consciousness that now he realizes might have been red flags.

For example, one past summer, he claims Simon was “overwhelmed” when he picked up his son and all he had was winter clothes.

Wharton is fighting for full custody of his son, but Georgia’s strict custodial laws favor the mother.

“Zayne needs to be with me,” Wharton added. ” I want to make sure he’s safe.

“Even now, I’m questioning everything. Is he hurt? What is he doing? I don’t want to get a call saying your son is hurt and going to the hospital.”

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