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LAPD redirects some detainees to “community support programs” instead of charging

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Los Angeles police have announced that Dertment will no longer arrest residents for certain crimes and instead direct them to “community support programs.”

“The ATI pre-filing referral program (distraction) does not include public support programs instead of prosecuting, prosecuting, and transporting detainees for selected crimes and non-violent offenses to district prisons. naltirdi “, LAPD said in a statement, Dertment added that he sees the move as “a great opportunity to develop and think about meaningful diversion programs that can reduce recidivism and increase public safety.”

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According to the statement, adults arrested for some misconduct and non-violent crimes will be examined at the police station and sent to an on-site service provider, who will “immediately assess the individual, provide appropriate treatment and necessary services”. identifies, organizes the event “delivery of treatment and services, delivery to the place of treatment, housing or additional service provider. “

The plan includes “culturally competent programming” that takes into account “racial, ethnic and religious origins, as well as the sexual orientation and gender identity of the rticint”.

Upon completion of the suspected offender’s treatment program, the police statement will be archived without any action being taken and no criminal case will be initiated.

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The new directive has been supported by many local Democrats, including city attorney Mike Feyer, who said “treatment and services can be more effective than a short period of imprisonment.”

“This pilot program provides for intervention instead of prosecution, to restore the status quo,” added City Hall candidate Feyer. “This is an important addition to the many justice reform programs put forward by my office.”

In 2021, Los Angeles has so far seen a rise in crime, and the city a a nearly 200 percent increase in homicides.

In addition, the city is facing a homeless crisis deteriorated to the point Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva asked local officials to declare a state of emergency.

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