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Lana was in constant fear of her final WWE release

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WWE recently released Lana from her contract and she is still under a 90-day non-compete clause. This is the situation she doesn’t want to go through again. The Ravishing Russian will soon be free to speak with other companies, and she wants to make sure no releases are in the cards.

while talking to talk is Jericho, Lana revealed that she was actually texting Mandy Rose at the time of release. Then he told Swarna Devi that he had just been released. Lana calls Natalya before giving the ring to Miro.

“I was in the middle of messaging Mandy (Rose). We were texting about other random things and I’m exactly like I just left off. He was like ‘Wait, what?’ Like it was and I’m like ‘Yeah, they really released me’. And I immediately called Natty. I still can’t even talk to Miro.”

Lana then went into what she wanted from her next contract. He expressed a desire to get a “no-cut clause” on his deal, meaning the company cannot release him. It would have taken away a lot of the anger of constantly living in fear that his WWE release could come down at any moment.

“At the same time, I was really relieved, in the sense that I was looking forward to this call. And that’s the part I don’t like about the environment. Whatever wrestling contract I have next – If I keep wrestling, which I hope I do – I want a no-cut clause because that was the worst. And living in that state of fear, like you don’t know when your ‘future attempts’ are coming I’m such a planner and I had three and a half years left, you know. And I have all these plans – I invest my money, I’m a business woman. And it’s like damn, why? This useless. “

Lana worked hard to make a name for herself in WWE and she took a lot of table bumps along the way. Many praised her consistent attitude and willingness to do whatever she could, but it didn’t matter when WWE looked at the list of potential Superstars to be released.

CJ Perry was under a one million dollar WWE contract. Getting rid of him left a lot of money in the bottom line of the company. Those “budget cuts” seem to be the driving force behind all WWE releases, despite the fact that the company continues to make record profits every quarter.

Will CJ Perry join Miro on AEW? Sound off in the comments!

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