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John criticizes James Biden as “Countless”: Go to Detroit to see “21st Century Jim Crow.”

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Former U.S. Senate nominee John James sat with the “elect” and blew up President Biden for his comments on adding new voting integrity laws to Jim Crow’s laws. James of Detroit burned the president for his comments.

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JOHN JAMES: I think it’s pretty rich to talk about it when Joe Biden was elected to the Senate in 1972 and came out with a bus initiative. Would you like to see 21st Century Jim Crown? Come to Detroit and see where Serat is, but an equal man works. In Detroit, eight miles south, taxes are based on racism, and homeowners are penalized for being one of the highest tax zones in the country. See our serat, but equal schools. See where the postcode is hindering children’s growth, and the Democrats don’t hold teachers ’unions accountable for not masterfully treating our children into the future. Come to Detroit, eight miles south, where young mothers are encouraged not to get married for the encouragement and care they need to get their well-being. Take a look at what Democrats around the city have done across the country.

If you want to see the modern Jim Crow, go to Baltimore, Chicago, St. Louis, where they’re advocating the downsizing of the police like vulnerable people – the Democrats are going in the same old tropics. They are correcting the fault, not the problem. The only thing you see here [that] The fact that Democrats continue to exploit black people for their own gain is as old as the Civil War.

Watch the full segment below

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